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The 6 Worst Halloween Costumes Any Man Can Wear

Remember the days when dressing like a drunk for Halloween was acceptable? All you needed was a brown jug with "XXX" in large black letters and some ripped up clothes. Times have changed, and the choices have gotten worse. The unhealthy skinny guy riding the bike through town should warn us of these Halloween costumes. How far would a man go to reach the Worst of Halloween's Hall of Shame status? …


4 Halloween Dates You Should Plan

No matter what part of the country you live in, there are four Halloween dates you should plan. Halloween doesn’t seem like a particularly romantic holiday, but if you play your cards right and plan the right type of date, you and your girl will be laughing and having a great time together before you know it. The trick to spectacular Halloween dates is always making sure you have an excuse t …


Speakeasy: Patton Oswalt

The renowned comic drinks a Harvey Weissbanger and discusses the rigors of stand-up touring, his changing relationship with metalcore and the concept of bed-flavored cupcakes. Which he somehow makes sound appetizing.


10 Great Ways To Go RVing

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, accommodating passions as diverse as tailgating, winter camping and high-end traveling.


The 15 Sexiest Political Pundits

There's a sizable lineup of attractive political pundits you're likely to come across on television this election season. Here are a few of them.


6 Slutty Halloween Costumes Women Wear That Men Hate

There are at least six slutty Halloween costumes women wear that men hate. Just because an outfit shows some skin doesn't mean you're going to find it appealing. If your girlfriend or wife asks what she should wear to this year's Halloween party, be prepared to stay away from these six slutty costumes that you're likely to hate. Lady Gaga. Sure, Lady Gaga might have her appeal, but this is cert …


Speakeasy: Seth Green

A couple of nattily dressed fellows—Paul F. Tompkins and the man behind Robot Chicken—walk into a bar and discuss desolate open mic nights, teenage failures, 100 Cartoon Network episodes and the unpredictable Harrison Ford. Cheers!


Chef Rock: Quinn Hatfield’s Jams

The third installment of our Chef Rock series features a five-song playlist from LA restaurateur Quinn Hatfield. Owner of two restaurants and a reputation as a fierce sprint cyclist, Hatfield is also a dedicated indie fan.


45 Hot Halloween Costumes

Let's get straight to the point: the two things that make Halloween great are the parties and the girls at the parties.


4 Free Things To Do In Portland That Won’t Make You A Hipster

If you’re in Portland, Oregon, on a budget but are weary of hipsters in skinny jeans and canvas shoes screwing up your day, then you need to know the four best free things to do in Portland that won’t make you look like a hipster. Of course if you insist on wearing your Che Guevara head gear when ever you leave home, don’t bother to read this. But if you truly want to enjoy yours …


AC/DC Albums: Hard Rock Royalty

AC/DC, and their many albums, songs, concerts, and tours, may be one of the most monumental rock bands in history. Hailing from Australia, AC/DC has changed the way we enjoy, gage, and listen to classic rock. Let’s begin by taking a look at some of AC/DC’s most monumental, bone-jarring albums in no particular order. “Back in Black” Most fans would expect a list of …


Speakeasy: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The Modern Family star sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk Broadway, bow ties and Bryan Cranston. Also covered: that awkward moment when fans fail to realize that he and co-star Eric Stonestreet are not, in fact, married with an adopted child.


Weekend Getaway Hotels New Jersey

The best weekend getaway hotels in New Jersey have everything that you need to relax after a stressful week at work in one location. Just a few days at these hotels, thanks to their location, amenities, and personable service, will leave you rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next work week.   Caesars Atlantic City. Las Vegas isn't the only place in the United States that of …


4 Songs About The Recession That Try To Rhyme Housing Bubble

No one likes a recession. It makes people poor, divides countries and makes rich people richer. Through these times of trouble, one art form has always been able to articulate peoples' thoughts and galvanize them into believing that everything might just be okay a little further down the road. For some reason, music allows people to see that little bit clearer and make sense of everything that has …


The 4 Best Places To Drink That Aren’t Bars

Knowing the 4 best places to drink that aren’t bars is crucial to every dude who wants to keep his main squeeze entertained, and inebriated. No matter how much of a party animal your girl is, eventually there’s going to come a time when she wants to do something outside of the bars and clubs. Here are a few of our favorite places to drink where you can impress your chick, and still get her drunk. …


Chef Rock: Gilbert’s Kitchen Mix

Former Top Chef contestant Kenny Gilbert is the next subject of our Chef Rock series, a look at the music that influences the world's best culinary artists. What gets Gilbert going in the kitchen? Hip hop, reggae and a little bit of soul.


4 Wilderness Vacations That Will Reaffirm Your Manliness

Your everyday life is stressful. You're surrounded by concrete, metal and invisible cell phone radiation waves. Well, you can blame all that stress on the front of your brain-the part right behind your forehead, known as the pre-frontal cortex. It's responsible for you conscious thought and becomes active when you stress. Good news is that you can shut off that cortex. You can turn it off with the …


Speakeasy: Paul Scheer

Yes, Speakeasy is back! In honor of Oktoberfest, Fall for Food and the NFL, Paul F. Tompkins grills The League star about fantasy football, improv and his other hit show, NTSF:SD:SUV. These guys may not know sports, but they know how to talk about them.


Chef Rock: Talde’s Hip-Hop Hits

What inspires the world's best culinary artists? For NYC chef and entrepreneur Dale Talde, it's hip-hop. Check out Talde's top five tracks and listen along on Spotify in the first installment of our Chef Rock series.


7 British Actresses Who Are Accented And Hot

Yes, they generally have bad skin, poor posture and terrible dental hygiene but sometimes the Brits can produce some quite charming, sexy and beautiful dames, that are made 100 percent hotter just by their accents. I mean even Judi Dench was a looker back in her prime, and don't forget this is the same country that produced both Pippa Middleton and the future Queen of England, her older sister Kat …


10 Annual Events in Maryland

  Maryland may be the smallest state in the US, but should not deter the fact that  the state offers several popular annual events. These events include everything from an annaul all-star football game to a bitchin' bike week. Below are 10 annual events in Maryland that visitors must consider when visiting the beautiful state. Fireworks at Annapolis     …