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Speakeasy Is Coming Back!

Thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews, Speakeasy is returning! We've got four boozy new episodes—featuring celebrated funnymen like Seth Green and Patton Oswalt—on the way next week. Till then, Paul F. Tompkins is taking your questions on serious topics like butt-dialing and facial hair


3 Times You Can Legally Break The Law

Laws are certainly not made to be broken in the United States. However, many exceptions can be made when it comes to punishing people who do end up breaking the law. In certain situations, you may be excused from punishment even after you do something against the law. It all depends on what your reasons were for breaking the law in the first place and whether or not you can prove your reasoning to …


4 Steps To Become A Space Tourist

The four steps to become a space tourist might be more attainable than you think. Since you were a child you may have dreamt of one day traveling to space. However, most children with wild imaginations assume to get to space you need to become an astronaut. The space tourism industry is now making it possible for regular people with regular jobs to experience the thrill of space exploration. …


8 Ways Adults Can Have Fun At Disney World

Anyone who thinks Disney World is just for kids may not have much of an imagination. With the Florida resort spanning acres of land packed with loads of activities, it’s easy for adults to have their own version of fun at the long-famous theme park and resort. Eight great ideas for having an R-rated blast range from silly to downright illegal, but all guarantee you’ll be laughing all t …


7 Tailgating essentials Every Man Needs For The Weekend

You are preparing for another season of tailgating. You have been around long enough to know that you have to do things the right way. You have to take care of your tailgating needs ahead of time and that will allow you to go to the game and start turning over your cards that reveal a winning tailgating hand. Here are seven tailgating essentials that you need for an excellent experience.   …


Vicarious Wheels: Best Road Trip Movies

The road trip movie has been a Hollywood classic for years, having given birth to a genre of films that has produced a ton of legendary characters, memorable scenes and classic one-liners! More importantly these films have inspired the cinematic impetus behind the road trips of countless moviegoers (as if you’ve never wanted to pull a Clark Griswold, load up the car and head to Wally World). In ce …


What You Should Know How To Do Before Beginning A Road Trip

   There's an old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Well, it's true, but you can also substitute in the word "preparation" for "prevention" and the saying is just as true. In fact, any soldier, spy, or international jewel thief will tell you that it’s important, if not necessary, to be prepared for every possible outcome. All of those are pretty macho profess …