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5 Cheap Costumes No One Will Know You Skimped On

It's not socially acceptable for adults to trick-or-treat, so don't spend all your candy money on your costume. If you're looking for ideas that are as clever as they are cheap, then haunt no further. These five costumes will attract admires from even the darkest corners of your next Halloween party. Note: some of these costumes require carefully crafted facial hair or a cultivated sense of sty …


12 Crazy Races Even You Can Do

Planes, trains, and automobiles aren’t the only ways to get around. Office chairs take it to the streets and bikes go down under in offbeat races around the world. Check out a few of our favorites, then fire up your Flugtag and enter one yourself…


Speakeasy: Bill Hader

And we’re back! Paul F. Tompkins returns and grills the hilarious, Emmy-nominated comic about his big break, behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live, the genius of Kristen Wiig, writing for South Park and… Oklahoma funeral parties? Watch and see.


A Good Reason to Watch The Newsroom

There are some women you’d like to explore physically. There are some women you’d like to have a nice long chat with. Then there are a few women you’d like to do both with.


10 Excellent Entrance Anthems

When your coed sports team strides into battle, you have gotta be accompanied by music that pumps up teammates, intimidates opponents and/or amuses the hell out of anyone who happens to be watching. This playlist covers all the bases, so to speak.


The 15 Dumbest Laws in America

There are tons of silly legal measures we know all too well—speed limits, cannabis rules and, what, we can’t ride our banana seat Huffies on the sidewalk?? But it turns out these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to statutory ridiculousness…


The 4 Shows You Need To Catch at Bonnaroo 2013

      Held at the 700-acre farm in Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has been named one of the “50 Moments that Changed Rock & Roll” and one of the 10 best festivals by Rolling Stone and GQ magazines respectively. Here are 4 acts that you must not miss whatsoever at this year’s Bonnaroo. 1. Ken …


Bryan Cranston Talks the End of Bad

As Walter White’s last ride begins this Sunday, we check in briefly with Heisenberg himself. The three-time Emmy winner opens up about his love of the role, the potential good and evil in all people and the final episodes. Trust us, it’s high-grade stuff.


10 Potent Pre-Game Pump-Up Songs

Got a big recreational matchup soon? Motivating your team starts with the beats you drop beforehand. Cue some fresh tracks, get everyone amped, and that positive energy will follow you onto the field or court. Just check out this inspirational playlist.


8 Creative Ways to Explore Your City

Bored this weekend? Tired of the same old bars? Chances are your town has a cool tour that’ll remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place. Check out these examples from across the nation. At the very least, they’ll freshen up your Instagram...


Bandit Signs We’d Like to See

Bandit signs annoy 99 percent of any and all who see them in their neighborhoods. If only someone would freshen them up...