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We Too Love Jennifer Lawrence

Even before her Oscar win, she seemed to be exercising a sort of hypnotic charm over the denizens of the interweb. Which is totally understandable.


Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition. Many Thanksgiving traditions revolve around filling our bellies with an overdose of turkey and our brains with an overdose of football. Those traditions still count and are the sort of things that make Thanksgiving an enjoyable holiday. Looking to start some traditions to enhance your Thanksgiving Day celebrations? Take these five traditions out for …


Speakeasy: Nick Kroll

The creator and star of Comedy Central’s new hit Kroll Show talks with Paul F. Tompkins about comedic influences, the secret behind his characters, his affinity with Alan Alda and the eye-opening, face-falling-off learning experience that was… Cavemen.


6 Songs About The Troops That Will Make Marines’ Girlfirends Cry

It doesn't take much to get a military wife crying. The right tune with the right lyrics (namely a song about a soldier's tragic end), and the waterworks start flowing. But the six songs on this list are a cut above the rest. They're good tunes in their own right, and their underlying stories tug at the hearts of even the most hardened Marine girlfriend. The majority of them are country songs beca …


The 6 Richest Celebrities of 2012

  Celebrities have got it all going for them. Most of the public fawns over their mere presence and they make quite the pretty penny for doing something that we would all kill our first born child to participate in. Of course, they’re not just happy to live comfortably and work in their dream job at the same time. They need to make more than anyone else in the same field as them. It gets q …


The Hottest Women of Gossip Girl

The show's cast seems to be comprised entirely of hot young actresses. So we've taken the liberty of arranging them all in one handy gallery for you.


Man at Arms: Oddjob’s Hat

Master blacksmith Tony Swatton crafts Hollywood’s most famous weapons. His latest project: Iconic Bond villan Oddjob's lethal hat.


Speakeasy: Michael Rooker

In a boisterous exchange, the Walking Dead star cuts loose about prosthetic hands, taking roles to fix his roof, mounting Al Pacino, racing Tom Cruise and his wide-ranging career, from Mississippi Burning to Mallrats. And, oh yeah, “the Skunk-cident.”


Andrew Lincoln Talks Guns, Zombies

Who’d have guessed a Brit could star as a Georgia sheriff in The Walking Dead? As a precursor to our Speakeasy with TWD’s Michael Rooker next week, we asked this accomplished thespian about firepower, fitness and, keep reading, Keira Knightley.


Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

It’s now less than 24 hours away, and you may or may not be fully prepared. In any case, our compilation of expert advice is all you need for a successful day (and hopefully night), no matter your status. Read, learn and melt some hearts.


Listen Up: Bret McKenzie’s Love Mix

What are the five best songs to listen to during sex? Given his extensive musical knowledge and his time with Flight of the Conchords, Bret McKenzie was happy to weigh in. Actually, he was caught off guard, but he was too classy to tell us to piss off.


7 Better Valentine’s Day Gifts

Most women take February 14th very seriously, and for your gifts to produce a gigantic smile, you’ve got to deliver beyond a card, flowers and candy. These expert-approved alternatives are sure to make your lovely lady feel happy, special and, um, generous...


Mr. Chocolate Saves Valentine’s Day

Jacques Torres has parlayed his passion into chocolate factories and shops, cookbooks and a Food Network show—and even married a hot chocolatier. We could think of no better man to ask about romance via chocolate on the eve of February 14th…


5 Rich Celebrities Who Ended Up More Broke Than Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker might be able to make almost anyone laugh but that doesn’t mean he can walk around town handing out bad checks that can’t be cashed! Unfortunately this has all caught up with the comedian and he is reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy. Tucker owed close to $12 million in income tax to the Internal Revenue Service and to pay off this debt he had to sell his $6 million Miami mansion. T …


The Lovely Women of Kill for Me

Kill for Me just came out on DVD and video on demand, and we'd like to take a moment to highlight some of the film's more notable aspects. Namely, the actresses.


Interpretive Dance

If you are into dance, one of the most enjoyable forms is interpretive dance. If you've ever wanted to express the feeling a tree has as it sways in the wind, the anger of a witch after living through the first world war, the ecstasy of a sylph or maenad dancing in the moonlight, or the story of King Kong from the beast's perspective, interpretive dance is for you. Interpretive dance has a …


Man at Arms: Game of Thrones Sword

Master blacksmith Tony Swatton shows how some Hollywood’s most famous weapons are crafted. . First up: Jaime Lannister’s Kingslayer sword from Game of Thrones.


Speakeasy: Dominic Monaghan

The Wild Things host tells Paul F. Tompkins about giving up bread for a year, the UK’s drinking culture, carbon neutrality, his Star Wars ink and how a million Malaysian bees—plus whiskey—helped him beat his fear of heights. You know, small talk.


16 Gorgeous Grammy Winners

Whether or not you're planning to tune in for the event, you might as well take a moment to appreciate some of the sexy performers who've taken home awards over the last few years.


Speakeasy: Tom Arnold

And we’re back! Speakeasy returns as America’s most open comic discusses touring (without drugs), low sperm counts, celebrity divorce, notable roles and rifling through a stranger’s luggage to meet Daniel Day-Lewis. Yup, we covered a lotta ground.


The Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVII

When advertisers bring their A-game, America tunes in. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the best Super Bowl ads released so far.