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Win at Cards! Kid Poker’s Top 5 Tips

From a buddy’s mancave to a Vegas table, poker is a lot more fun when you’re steadily stacking chips. So we asked Daniel Negreanu, who has collected more than $16 million in live tournaments, for his best advice. Take notes now, thank us later.


Awesome Late Night Activities You Would Never Think Of

  It’s clear that night time is the right time. For what exactly? Oh, all sorts of things. Day time has its own appeal, with the sun and the warmth and all of that. But only at night do the rules change. City and country alike become whole new worlds, places ripe with opportunity. The opportunity for awesomeness. Now, there are the typical night time engagements, tried and true staples …


The 6 Best Late Night Spots Across The Country

From 24-hour diners to nightclubs and lounges, a night owl’s work is cut out for him when venturing into the big bad city. So here’s a helpful guide to late night for some of the most exciting cities in America so you can indulge your inner Jack Bauer all over the country. Schiller’s Liquor Bar, New York City New York City is even fuller of late-night spots than most big cities. But Schiller …


7 Places You Should Never Do Shots

Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and the soothing stream of Southern Comfort are not particularly welcome in the 7 places you should never do shots. Even if you don’t pull out a shot glass and make your drinking obvious, a nip on a flask is as detrimental as a shot from a glass in certain situations. Doing shots in these forbidden places puts you at risk of being ostracized, acting like a drunken fool, or e …


Listen Up: The Super Bowl Playlist

Chest-bump and chug-out all you want, there’s nothing like a solid hour of pump-up jams to set the mood for football’s biggest game of the year. With that in mind, here’s a playlist designed specifically for that purpose.


The 7 Biggest Parties In The World

  Everyone loves a good party. As much as some people want to deny it there is nothing better on this earth than sitting back with a cold beer, listening to pretentious music and attempting to make small talk with people you will never see again. However parties can manifest themselves in different forms and surprise, surprise take place across the entire world, of course they don't rival …


The 15 Sexiest SNL Hostesses

Jennifer Lawrence is set to host an episode of SNL in January, making her the latest in a long line of attractive women to take on that role.


6 Things Every Man Needs For A Winter Trip

Winter time is a special time of year. The sun stays up for about ten minutes, Santa Claus comes and goes, and the thermostat drops low. And along with winter comes the opportunity for winter trips. Of course, you can't go on a winter trip with the same equipment that you use during the summer. Shorts and flip flops? Try hypothermia and frostbite. So what things should you bring along for some fun …