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On the Front Lines: Making It in EDM

What’s the deal with EDM? Why is it so popular, where do all its artists come from, and what’s up with all that neon clothing? To find out the answers, we sat down with Jake Weinstein and Ethan Bruno, the duo behind the up-and-coming EDM group Live City.


13 Fresh Acts to Check Out in 2013

Are your playlists desperately in need of an update? Relax. We’ve singled out 13 performers (including Walk the Moon, above) that could be lighting up the charts—or at least your smartphone—the rest of this year. Check ’em out today…


Are You the Next Great Filmmaker? Take Your Shot!

Secretly believe you’re the next David Fincher? This could be your shot! Made Man’s parent company, Break Media, is teaming with New Regency Productions (Fight Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) to introduce Prototype: The Search for the Next Great Filmmaker...


6 Actresses That Look Like Kaley Cuoco

Pay attention “Big Bang Theory” fans because the six actresses that look most like Kaley Cuoco are just ahead.  Teenage boys around the world first fell in love with her in the hit television series “8 Simple Rules” and the infatuation with Kaley Cuoco has only grown along with her career. While there is only one Kaley Cuoco, here are six beautiful actresses that look most like our favorite televi …


The 6 Best Bachelor Party Cities (Besides Vegas)

When it comes time to send a buddy into matrimonial slavery in style, some locales are far superior to others. Assuming you can’t make it to Bangkok, here are six debauchery-friendly bachelor party spots where every dollar will be well spent.


6 Busty Redheads That Look Like Christina Hendricks

The world has gone crazy for Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and her bosom buddies! She's the Disneyland of hot redheads. Hendricks certainly broke the mold but wasn't by any means the first to do it. In tribute, let's recognize the other equally talented (and busty) redheads to come well before the TV star.   6. Ann-Margret - Starting with an old school choice, Ann-Margret was one of the …


Speakeasy: Bob Odenkirk

The multidimensional funnyman talks Mr. Show, the democracy of the Internet and all his latest projects, including an upcoming book of rejected screenplays, a new IFC sketch show, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska and, of course, Breaking Bad.


Your Weekend Kickoff Playlist!

Nothing takes you out of the workweek mindset quite like the right soundtrack. So we’ve put together this playlist for you to rock out to on the way to your nearest watering hole for happy hour. Cue it up and let the weekend begin! (Loverboy not included.)


The Truth About Networking

As this graph illustrates, there's a big difference between talking about grabbing a drink with someone... and actually doing it.


Wanted: One Legendary Traveler

Looking to add a little adventure to your life? Maybe you should enter Heineken's "Dropped" contest. If selected, you'll be dropped in the middle of nowhere with no supplies and be asked to find your way home. Oh, and it'll all be videotaped for the internet.


Speakeasy: Tony Hale

The wise Arrested Development and Veep star chats with Paul F. Tompkins about the evolution of Buster Bluth, dealing with fame, practicing contentment, Matt Damon’s gelatinous cubes and, yes, whether America is ready for a robot president…


Keep Your Cool at Hot Concerts

The sun’s bearing down on you and a crush of music lovers eager to embrace their wild sides, but that’s no excuse to slack on your grooming routine. Our expert explains how to look and feel your best for that gorgeous Gotye fan dancing next to you…