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Backstage Pass: The Echo

In the heart of Echo Park lies a club that has transformed with the area around it. Featuring artists like The Airborne Toxic Effect and Silversun Pickups, The Echo provides an intimate experience with unforgettable performances. Proprietor Mitchell Frank gives you a tour.


Speakeasy: William Fichtner

The actor you’ve seen in countless films—from Heat to Contact to The Perfect Storm—chats with Paul F. Tompkins about his roles, his man cave, driving race cars, voicing video game characters and, yes, how to pronounce his last name.


Speakeasy: Russell Peters

In the latest installment, the world-renowned comedian, actor and Indo-Canadian drinks tequila with Paul F. Tompkins and talks about hanging with the King of Jordan, his experience on Source Code, how stand-up compares to boxing and more…


Backstage Pass: Dim Mak Studios

Expect the unexpected at Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Studios. Featuring performances from hip hop artists like Kid Cudi and electronic dance music from Skrillex, Dim Mak Studios is an intimate Hollywood club that's low on pretention and high on fun.


Speakeasy: Steven Yeun

The man best known as Glenn from The Walking Dead drinks a gin flip and chats with Paul F. Tompkins about his character’s trademark cap, Instagram haters, college comedy and why it’s best to be a hermit during a real-life zombie apocalypse.


Down To Earth Female Celebrities

    Remaining grounded as a celebrity is nigh on impossible. They are often handed tote bags that are worth tens of thousands of dollars when attending showbiz events, and they have people pining for their signature on every street corner.They are regarded as royalty, and as such, it can sometimes lead to them turning a bit bitchy. However, some celebs manage to avoid falling into …


4 Canadian Vacations Every Man Should Take

Where do you find fresh water? Wilderness. Canada has one of the largest reserves of fresh water in the world. From the Great Lakes up over the Canadian Rockies to the majestic Pacific shore of British Columbia, Canada has got some natural wonders. Canada has plenty of open spaces, but don't discount their cities. This progressive country has much more reasonable laws when it comes to sex and booz …


5 Free Things To Do In London That Don’t Involve Fish Or Chips

There are five bone-idle things to do in London that has less to do with fish or chips and more to do with pure entertainment. From street acts to the Queen's jewels, you don't want to miss any of these five free things to do in London! Well, make that six.   Convent Garden and South Bank has market-worthy street performances! A classic pound seeking performance that tend …


Chef Rock: McInnis’ Southern Tunes

Jeff McInnis, chef-owner of Miami Beach’s Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, puts his music where his restaurant is. From Drive-By Truckers to R.L. Burnside, his playlist is situated squarely in the South.


Speakeasy: Julia Stiles

The drinking and talking show’s first-ever female guest tells Paul F. Tompkins about childhood scratchiti in New York City, playing an escort, the upsides of directing a Web series, two-stringed Asian instruments and her upcoming film, It’s a Disaster.


7 Truly Irritating Things

We wanted to know what annoys guys these days, so our R&D crew polled hundreds of them. The following are the seven things that most irritate guys today.


Where Does Your SO Work?

Looking for an attractive girl to date? This chart should help point you in the right direction.