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Dune Buggying the Oregon Sand Dunes

The call of the great outdoors takes many forms. For some, it's the quiet solitude of a day on the river. For others it's a recharging hike in the woods. For many guys though, the best outdoors experiences are packed with adrenaline. And for unmanly men like me, that can be scary. Pushing through the fear, I checked out some manly outdoor pursuits recently. Here's how I fared with driving a dune b …


Read 3 Unpublished J.D. Salinger Stories

Because mocking the Broncos wasn't going to provide enough entertainment for the entire Thanksgiving weekend, yesterday the lit world's Edward Snowden leaked three previously unpublished stories by J.D. Salinger online. Titled "The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls," "Birthday Boy" and "Paula," they were previously only available in research libraries at UTA and Princeton. According to Buzzfeed, a Salin …


The Secret Lives of Pro Mascots

Jon "Jersey" Goldman, a.k.a. UNLV's prospector Hey Reb! At some point during a game, we've all looked at the mascot and wondered: How did that person get this job?  Maybe you've even gone so far as to wonder about the benefits package. In that case, you should definitely check out Hulu's new documentary series Behind the Mask. The addictive half-hour show, which premieres on the website on Octo …


The Awkward Angler: Fly Fishing in Northern California

One of my most vivid fishing-related memories was of my great uncle cursing a blue streak at me when I was afraid to pick up a squid that was getting away. I think I was 10 years old. "Bleep, bleep, BLEEP -- what the BLEEP are you thinking?!?"  I'm thinking that slimy prick is gonna blind me with ink, you asshole. So yes, that was pretty much the end of my love affair with anything to do with f …


Hail the Unhung Hero

  Patrick Moote is a man who has known indignity. Not only was his marriage proposal rejected on the Jumbotron at a very public sporting event by his then-girlfriend—the video was viewed innumerable times on YouTube—but she later told him that one of the reasons she wouldn’t marry him was that he has a small penis. This combination would be a knock-out blow to most guys, sending us into …


Huge Turtle Pricey Fossil Kangaroo Burgers!

Sara Fletcher has the latest on a giant sea turtle near Cape Cod, a potentially $15 million dinosaur fossil and Aussies selling kangaroo meat to the Chinese. Just another Friday!


Old Folks’ Pot and Toasted Junk

Sara Fletcher brings us up to speed on 275,000 joints worth of pot growing next to a Canadian nursing home and a London man who stuck his junk in a toaster. That's news, folks!


Pricey Diamond Brazilian Bum Out Hotel

Bonnie Bower dishes on a 59.6-carat, 83-million-dollar diamond, Brazil's Miss Bum Bum pageant and a woman who clearly had no idea what kind of hotel she had booked. Good times!  


Speakeasy: Kaitlin Olson

Kaitlin Olson talks The Groundlings, being a mother in Hollywood and voicing a character in Finding Nemo 2.


15 Westerns Every Man Should See

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Americans have always been obsessed with the idea of the Old West. Rife with myth, it’s analogous to Europe’s age of chivalry or Japan’s feudal samurai period, just with more spittoons and gunplay. Undoubtedly, the genre has given us some of the toughest hombres ever to grace the big screen. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper and others have taught generations …


5 Things We Want to See in the Next Star Wars Movie

Bring back Billy Dee! After having done everything in his power to ruin one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time, George Lucas this year officially sold the purple-lighting-charred remains of Star Wars to Disney. Disney, looking to salvage the series and make proper sequels to the original trilogy, immediately put Star Trek resuscitator J.J. Abrams on the case. Say what you will …


Pizza Button Shrinking Glacier Slow Dragons

Sara Fletcher reports on a, yes, a pizza button, a disappearing Peruvian glacier and George R.R. Martin's frustratingly slow progress on his sixth Game of Thrones book. Come on, man!


Nick Offerman’s Stachedance, Movember 2013

In his latest PSA, the owner of America's manliest mo shows what a feeling facial hair can be. Trust us, you've gotta see it to believe it. Grow your own, join our team and make the world a healthier, furrier place at   This video is part of Made Man's celebration as proud partners of Movember. For more of our Movember-inspired programming and events, check out Mo Central …


Freaky Asteroid Dirty Cop Weird Human!

Sara Fletcher's got the story on an asteroid with six tails, a Florida cop's questionable reports and the rejected license plate of a guy named Human. We'll let you take it from here.


Big Wood, Small Wood and a Sausage Fest

Oregon's state motto Alis volat propriis -- "She Flies With Her Own Wings" -- is a nod to the 33rd state's freethinking spirit. It did after all declare independence from both the United States and Great Britain at one point. That divergent disposition is still evident today just about everywhere you look in Oregon. Here are some examples I spotted along the Manly Moments tour. At 72 fee …


Goldilocks Planets Gamer Brains Britney Ships

Bonnie Bower reports on billions of Earth-like planets, the benefits of playing video games and how boats are using Britney Spears tunes to ward off pirates. Hey, whatever works!


New Coke Netflix Oscars Robot Hand!

Bonnie Bower's got the scoop on Mexican Coke, Kosher Coke, Netflix's Oscar bid and a Massachusetts 12-year-old with a badass robotic hand. Happy Tuesday!


Manly Memorabilia at Seattle’s EMP Museum

It used to be about the music. Not anymore. Born The Experience Music Project, EMP has now morphed into the EMP Museum of Music, Sci-Fi, and Pop Culture. And that's a good thing -- the addition of movies, TV, and other popular culture staples amps the museum to the next level. Here are some of the Manly Moments memorabilia currently on display: Among the many movie props in the museum …


Speakeasy: James Urbaniak

The Bayonne, New Jersey native has a nice cold beer with Paul F. Tompkins and talks school play stunt casting, being TV's go-to red herring and his role as the voice of Dr. Venture on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. Hilarious hijinks ensue!


Bieber Graffiti Google Glass Fake Mars

Daily Manual is back! Bonnie Bower catches you up to speed on a Canadian pop star's South American tagging, a woman ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass and a phony space mission. Just a typical Monday!


Why Hollywood Needs More Female Superheroes (and Why Guys Should Care)

The megabudget superhero movie is more than a trend—it’s a mandate. Like a geeky kid bitten by a mutant spider, the form shucked off its awkward phase (George Clooney’s Bat-nipples, anyone?) and came of age right around the start of the new millennium, with Bryan Singer’s polished X-Men (2000), and, shortly thereafter, Sam Raimi’s likeable Spider-Man (2002). By the time Christopher Nolan put the g …


What You Record Collection Says About You To Women

If you’re worried about what your record collection says about you to women, that probably means it needs an upgrade. Women care about things like a man’s taste in music—as they should! The music you listen to can say an awful lot about your personality, interests and what it might be like to be in a relationship with you. Your age. Some music is considered classic and listened to by all age gr …