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Sky High and a 34-ounce Ribeye

Not content to rest on its laurels (and perhaps suffering a hint of the greed it's also famous for) Vegas is eagerly vying for another moniker -- Bucket List Capital of the World. That means high-flying and huge steaks.


Sky High and a 34-ounce Ribeye

Las Vegas has more than it's fair share of nicknames. Sin City. Gambling Capital of the World. Entertainment Capital of the World. Marriage Capital of the World. And my personal fave -- Capital of Second Chances. Not content to rest on its laurels (and perhaps suffering a hint of the greed it's also famous for) Vegas is eagerly vying for another moniker -- Bucket List Capital of the World. …


Speakeasy: Katee Sackhoff

The Battlestar Galactica star talks about her big break (Fifteen and Pregnant), how she got the role of Starbuck, her new show Longmire and her brother seeing her (side) boob at the Riddick premiere. #scarredforlife?


Style Your Hair in Seconds (and Learn Stuff Too!)

That's right, folks, styling your hair is even easier than you think—and takes way less time than the grooming procedures of lovely ladies. Don't believe us? Just check out this AXE Styled in Seconds video. You'll not only pick up grooming tips, but also advice on how to wow the women. Win win!


Join Us on the 2013 Mo’asis Tour!

This Movember, Made Man is bringing the 'mo love to the streets. Join us at cities up and down the West Coast to upgrade your mug at our mobile grooming station in a pimped-out Airstream trailer; nab swag, food and drink; and prove your manliness to an admiring crowd via a set of physical challenges. So get growing, get fundraising—then get ready to reward yourself for a 'mo month well done.


One Man’s Quest for Manliness

Over the next six weeks, travel writer Raymond Walsh (a.k.a. Man on the Lam) will hit the road in search of the sorts of things that put hair on a man’s chest. We’re talking activities involving guns, jets, steaks, fast cars, chainsaws and more. He’ll be blogging about his adventures right here very soon, but first, a few questions…


Snoop Talks Sports, Moes, Kate Upton

With an upcoming funk album and one very trippy new music video featuring America’s hottest supermodel, Calvin Broadus/Snoop Doggy Dogg/Snoop Lion/Snoopzilla weighs in on everything from football to facial hair to females in this exclusive Q&A.


Space Diamonds Movember Old Badass

Kara Luiz dishes on potential celestial jewelry, the world's best/hairiest charity and a 72-year-old California man who survived in the woods for 19 days eating squirrels and lizards. Respect!


Intelligent Elephants Zombie Duffin

Kara Luiz has the latest on the brain power of pachyderms, a live man declared legally dead (twice!) and a British bakery's claim that Starbucks stole its "duffin" recipe. Sounds...tasty!


Moon Beer Pong Table Superman Plates

Sara delivers the goods on suds made from lunar meteorites, a high-tech beer pong table and Ohio's new Man of Steel license plates. Who says the Midwest isn't the best?


Speakeasy: Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead creator talks with Paul F. Tompkins about the 10th anniversary of the comic book, his struggle to survive while bringing his vision to life and, as he says, “coming up with new terrible things to do to these fake people.”


Purloined Pumpkins Female Drivers Phony Bomb

Sara dishes on New York pumpkin thieves, a sexist Spanish judge and why a British man called in a phony bomb threat on his wedding day. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


Bigfoot Flying Kid Bearded Lady

Kara breaks down a rumored Sasquatch sighting in Texas, a 9-year-old boy sneaking onto a flight in Minnesota and a woman with some robust facial hair in Indonesia. Hey, that's just how she grows, alright?


13 Things to Look Forward to in Your 30s

You’ve probably been told that your 20s will be the best years of your life. As someone in their 30s, I can tell you honestly that nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 13 reasons you’ll love your 30s.   13. There are no judgments People in their 30s are busy dealing with getting engaged, getting married, and getting pregnant. So they don’t have nearly as much time to pas …