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14 Movies You Must See in 2014

The cinematic calendar promises sex addicts, sexy vampires, sexy co-eds, Sundance splashes and artfully concocted big-budget fare.


Dynamic Duos: TV Comedy Teams

If you like the laugh-out-loud absurdity of Parks and Recreation, you'll love these two new comic TV duos.


Cooper…Dominic Cooper

The veteran actor channels 007 in BBC America's Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond.


The Video Games That Make You a Better Man

The biker Theo Rossi, Sons of Anarchy (@theorossi, "Hands down, you gotta play 'Madden NFL,' the king of sports games. There's no question that it was the most social game for me and my crew, because we would constantly pick up the sticks and start challenging each other. When the Owner and GM modes came into play, I was so excited to do my drafts and create players. I always c …


Speakeasy: Yvonne Strahovski

The Aussie bombshell discusses her role in the upcoming I, Frankenstein, voicing a video game and rapping on Broadway.


Does Bad Music Make You Drink More?

Or, on the flip side, does great music make you drink less? That's what the fine folks at Heineken wondered. So as part of their "Dance More, Drink Slow" (#DMDS) responsibility campaign, they teamed up with legendary DJ Armin Van Buuren to find out. See the dramatic results below. And please enjoy Heineken—or whatever adult beverage you happen to be drinking—responsibly. It's good to have fun, but …


The Music Behind “Wolf of Wall Street”

Music supervision on films or TV series can be a thankless gig. Outside of T-Bone Burnett or Trent Reznor, few of the men and women who recruit, license and generally oversee this painstaking administrative and creative process get their due. After all, what would Boardwalk Empire be without its decorative ragtime swing or Tin Pan Alley standards? And how would The Royal Tenenbaums have transcende …


Speakeasy: B.J. Novak

The talented writer and actor shares tales of summer camp, standup, life on The Office and his upcoming book.


The Best NBA Commercials of All Time

Larry Johnson In the '80s, Nike struck gold when they made a good-but-not-yet-iconic basketball player named Michael Jordan the centerpiece of what would become one of the most influential marketing campaigns in history. Soon everyone wanted to “Be Like Mike,” to the point where we’d be setting up a trampoline under basketball nets and sticking our tongues out and oh my god did Charlie just smash …