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Hitting the Bottle With Style

Hitting the Bottle With Style: Wine Labels Dress UpWinemakers Try Outlandish Names and Bold Labels to Break Out of a Crowded MarketBy SCOTT MAYEROWITZABC NEWS Business UnitSept. 11, 2007— Next time you are in a liquor store looking for a nice bottle of chardonnay, or maybe a merlot, think about what drives your selection. Is it price? Is it name recognition? Or, is it the pr …



Wallstrip today is about McDonalds today so I thought I would give my feelings on Mickey D's. I would comment over at Howards blog but I am so tired of being blocked by Wordpress's Akismet at his two sites that I'm tired of trying so I'll just keep all my thoughts here. I like McDonalds. I really do. I eat their salads at least once a week. Yes their stock is much higher and the menu has expand …