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Beef Jerky Advertising

There is an awesome new set of commercials out now for Oberto beef jerky that plays off their 'Eat like an Alpha' marketing campaign. Probably should have included this one in our Fall/Winter Ad roundup. Ouch, that one's gotta hurt. I'm imagining a Wall Street version of this. There are plenty of Alphas down there. Maybe Lehman Brothers with a huge log through its chest asking Bear Stearns how i …


Pizza Vending Machines: New Levels Of Culinary Repugnance

Let me first assure everyone that the world will probably not come to an end because of this but, it may forever ruin our innocence. Vending machine-made pizza is a very real and legitimate business opportunity that is making its way to our American shores. Earlier today, the "She Eats" blog posted a picture of a new American 'Tombstone Pizza' vending machine wedged in between a candy and re …


Which Beer Will You Buy This Labor Day Weekend?

In the immortal words of those white guys from Brooklyn - "You've gotta fight!. . . for your right! . . . to drink liiiiight beer!" Or at least that's what the beer industry is hoping you'll do this weekend. Say what you want about Light Beer (it's just watered down regular beer, isn't it?), but you can't deny the market for it in the United States, for whatever reason, is huge. In the pa …


Burger Kings Corporate Reaction To Employee Bathing In Sink

As soon as I saw this video earlier today on Break, I couldn't wait to hear how Burger King talked their way out of this one. For anyone who hasn't seen the video yet, check out this idiot below and then stay tuned after the jump for BK's official "hard knocks" approach to this "very serious" situation. Burger King Employee Takes Bath In Sink - Watch more free videos WHIOTV …


Sharing Guinness Never Felt So Good

Check out this interesting Guinness commercial that recently surfaced. Apparently Guinness denies making it and had nothing to do with it. Maybe they were just drunk? Further analysis after the jump. Sexy Guinness Ad - Watch more free videos This commercial is pretty awesome, and who doesn't love a nice Guinness? (Irish people, apparently) My one complaint is that this must be one really tame …


McDonalds Has Bad Timing On Fancy Drinks

McDonald's, still reeling from the Supersize Me fallout, decided a few months ago that it would take on Starbucks as the coffee king by introducing a specialty upscale coffee counter cafe at many of its 'restaurants'. Well the results are in, and as you might have guessed, it wasn't the genius idea they heralded. As we showed last week, Starbucks is closing over 600 stores nationwide because of …


The Worlds Most Expensive Six-Pack of Beer

Things don't get much better than a nice cold six-pack of beer to start off the weekend. Looks like AOL Canada has a taste for the good stuff though. Nerds! InBev, the Belgian brewers of Stella Artois, have been in the news a lot recently for their attempts to takeover Anheuser-Busch and "destroy the American dream" somehow. These drunken captains of industry aren't all bad though, they crea …


Major League Baseball Beer Pricing

In recent years the price of a cold one at the ballpark has grown astronomically. It's almost as if I can't afford to get drunk enough to like my crappy team anymore. But which MLB fields are the most conducive to getting plastered without breaking the bank? The chart to the left and these statistics, care of Darren Rovell over at CNBC, explain that the Phillies offer the cheapest beer. You …


Black Watermelon Sells For $6,000 in Japan

The Japanese are fortunate enough to have superior space-age technology, Godzilla, awesome game shows, and enough free range monkeys to take over the world. However, in their country watermelons are considered a luxury item due to their scarcity and a lack of storage space for large fruits. One large black colored watermelon sold at auction this past Friday and it may be the world's most expens …


Be Your Own Butcher and Save

Haven't the supermarkets and specialty local butchers taken enough of our hard-earned money? Ever thought of butchering your own meat? Imagine all the money you'll save and the fun you'll have! Prices for boneless-cut chicken cutlets can be twice as much as a whole chicken. So why not get yourself some decent knives, take a few butcher classes, and start hacking away? You don't even have to …


Coors Light Desperately Trying To Be Cool

Coors Light has big plans for advertising this summer. With an all out blitz on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, they are ransacking the social networking craze. But do these tactics really work or do 'fake corporate viral videos' just seem lame? Here is one of the main video spots the Coors Brewing company is running on the web. After the jump, we'll take a look at how much deeper they are wi …


A Rebuttal to ‘What Makes Beer Go Bad’

In the interest of full-disclosure, the genuine Anheuser-Busch BREWMASTER himself, George Reisch, contacted us here at Wall Street Fighter about Tuesday's post on what makes a good beer go so bad. The third generation brewmaster/home brewer has a few points of clarification to make on our very glib, yet entirely grammatically correct post. George's comments in red: 1. Bottles of beer …


What Ruins Beer and What Doesnt: An Important Consumer Experiment

Every guy thinks he knows how to take care of his beer. In the same way every guy thinks he knows what his girlfriend is thinking. In both circumstances we are usually wrong. Lew Bryson, a writer for Portfolio (who should be considered a saint or at least granted a Nobel Prize for all his hard work), rigorously pushed beers to their physical ends to find out how to properly treat one. Some e …


Wendys Disses Arbys Merger

Big news today that Wendy's has financially bitch-slapped the owners of Arby's by replying with an immediate 'No thanks, bro' to their takeover/merger offers. Wendy's has been hitting some rocky ground in the past year after a few menu choices flopped. Adding insult to injury, I'm sure the rising cost of wheat coupled with the general economic recession made them a good target for a merger. Or …