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Which Beer Will You Buy This Labor Day Weekend?

In the immortal words of those white guys from Brooklyn - "You've gotta fight!. . . for your right! . . . to drink liiiiight beer!" Or at least that's what the beer industry is hoping you'll do this weekend. Say what you want about Light Beer (it's just watered down regular beer, isn't it?), but you can't deny the market for it in the United States, for whatever reason, is huge. In the pa …


Burger Kings Corporate Reaction To Employee Bathing In Sink

As soon as I saw this video earlier today on Break, I couldn't wait to hear how Burger King talked their way out of this one. For anyone who hasn't seen the video yet, check out this idiot below and then stay tuned after the jump for BK's official "hard knocks" approach to this "very serious" situation. Burger King Employee Takes Bath In Sink - Watch more free videos WHIOTV …


Sharing Guinness Never Felt So Good

Check out this interesting Guinness commercial that recently surfaced. Apparently Guinness denies making it and had nothing to do with it. Maybe they were just drunk? Further analysis after the jump. Sexy Guinness Ad - Watch more free videos This commercial is pretty awesome, and who doesn't love a nice Guinness? (Irish people, apparently) My one complaint is that this must be one really tame …