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McDonalds Has Bad Timing On Fancy Drinks

McDonald's, still reeling from the Supersize Me fallout, decided a few months ago that it would take on Starbucks as the coffee king by introducing a specialty upscale coffee counter cafe at many of its 'restaurants'. Well the results are in, and as you might have guessed, it wasn't the genius idea they heralded. As we showed last week, Starbucks is closing over 600 stores nationwide because of …


The Worlds Most Expensive Six-Pack of Beer

Things don't get much better than a nice cold six-pack of beer to start off the weekend. Looks like AOL Canada has a taste for the good stuff though. Nerds! InBev, the Belgian brewers of Stella Artois, have been in the news a lot recently for their attempts to takeover Anheuser-Busch and "destroy the American dream" somehow. These drunken captains of industry aren't all bad though, they crea …