Archives for June 2008


Major League Baseball Beer Pricing

In recent years the price of a cold one at the ballpark has grown astronomically. It's almost as if I can't afford to get drunk enough to like my crappy team anymore. But which MLB fields are the most conducive to getting plastered without breaking the bank? The chart to the left and these statistics, care of Darren Rovell over at CNBC, explain that the Phillies offer the cheapest beer. You …


Black Watermelon Sells For $6,000 in Japan

The Japanese are fortunate enough to have superior space-age technology, Godzilla, awesome game shows, and enough free range monkeys to take over the world. However, in their country watermelons are considered a luxury item due to their scarcity and a lack of storage space for large fruits. One large black colored watermelon sold at auction this past Friday and it may be the world's most expens …


Be Your Own Butcher and Save

Haven't the supermarkets and specialty local butchers taken enough of our hard-earned money? Ever thought of butchering your own meat? Imagine all the money you'll save and the fun you'll have! Prices for boneless-cut chicken cutlets can be twice as much as a whole chicken. So why not get yourself some decent knives, take a few butcher classes, and start hacking away? You don't even have to …