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Coors Light Desperately Trying To Be Cool

Coors Light has big plans for advertising this summer. With an all out blitz on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, they are ransacking the social networking craze. But do these tactics really work or do 'fake corporate viral videos' just seem lame? Here is one of the main video spots the Coors Brewing company is running on the web. After the jump, we'll take a look at how much deeper they are wi …


A Rebuttal to ‘What Makes Beer Go Bad’

In the interest of full-disclosure, the genuine Anheuser-Busch BREWMASTER himself, George Reisch, contacted us here at Wall Street Fighter about Tuesday's post on what makes a good beer go so bad. The third generation brewmaster/home brewer has a few points of clarification to make on our very glib, yet entirely grammatically correct post. George's comments in red: 1. Bottles of beer …


What Ruins Beer and What Doesnt: An Important Consumer Experiment

Every guy thinks he knows how to take care of his beer. In the same way every guy thinks he knows what his girlfriend is thinking. In both circumstances we are usually wrong. Lew Bryson, a writer for Portfolio (who should be considered a saint or at least granted a Nobel Prize for all his hard work), rigorously pushed beers to their physical ends to find out how to properly treat one. Some e …