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4 Cheap Restaurants In Las Vegas For The Slot Machine Loser

Cheap restaurants in Las Vegas might be hard to find for losers like you. You lost your shirt at the slots, you're hungry and can't afford much. But that's OK. You can make it a little easier on yourself by heading to one of the locations mentioned below. If you cannot afford any of these places, keep in mind that dumpster diving is quite lucrative. Most Vegas restaurants throw out a scrumptious p …


3 New Years Eve Cocktails That Will Get You Drunk In Time For the New Year

Need to know which New Year's Eve cocktails will get you drunk in time for the New Year? Imagine this: The countdown has started, the ball is dropping, but there's a problem. You're not drunk! You were too busy trying to figure out which cocktail would get you drunk and before you could decide, people were throwing confetti into the air and you missed out on all the fun. Sounds like a …


The 21 Weirdest Beer and Liquor Laws

In honor of the last two weeks of summer—and its accompanying sloshed-ness—here’s our list of the 21 weirdest beer and liquor laws on the books. How weird? Fax machines, moose and the Encyclopedia Britannica are involved


How To Make A Chocolate Martini The Ladies Will Love

All guys know that alcohol is a surefire way to get your girl to let loose of her inhibitions. Smart guys know that serving canned beer and shots don’t impress the ladies. So what’s a guy to do when trying to enhance a romantic date with spirits and libations? Chocolate Martinis! Three things chicks can’t resist are chocolate and fancy cocktails. So what’s the third? After …


11 Reasons Beer Is Better Than Wine

Despite the conventional wisdom, comparing wine to beer is like comparing the scribbles of a preschooler to Picasso. So the next time you order a beer and a wine snob gets in your face, gun him down with these 11 reasons beer is better than wine ...


21 Drinks Every Man Should Drink In His 21st Year

There are many drinks a man should drink in his life. These 21 drinks will make sure that in your first legal year you experience a range of drink that can help inform your drinking decisions for years to come. Beer. Obviously. Long Island Iced Tea. If for no other reason than it's usually the strongest drink you can order, this drink is a must for any newly of age man. Bourbon and Coke.  …


Oreo Cookie Recipes

The world would never be the same without Oreo cookies and the many Oreo cookie recipes that have been created in their honor. There are several different types of Oreo cookies with both white and chocolate fillings, and there are also numerous generic cookies that mimic this very successful brand. And of course, the best part about these treats is sensually dunking your Oreo cookies into a cold g …


Throw A Great Card Night Starting With These 4 Poker Foods

There's nothing like playing cards with your buddies, but poker is no fun unless you start the night with the appropriate poker foods. You don't want a bunch of greasy finger foods, because it won't be long before your cards and your chips are covered with oil. But you don't want to go with things that are too simple, like pretzels and pistachios. You want to be a good host, and you want to give y …


3 Hot Cocktails That Make Winter’s Cold A Little More Bearable

There are few things that can fight winter's icy chill quite as well as a piping hot cocktail. Although most people usually think of cocktails as cold or even frozen, these three drinks will warm you from your fingers to your toes. As well as get a pretty serious buzz going. Irish Coffee Easily the simplest of the hot cocktails. Hot coffee is little more than Irish whiskey in coffee with sug …