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Video: Surprisingly Delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Meals

We all know Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best parts of the holiday, but why settle for the same uninspired sandwich year after year? This week on For the Win, Mike Capes shows you how to get creative with your leftovers. Ever had a Thanksgiving pizza? That's only the beginning. Prepare to be impressed. And hungry. For more great advice every week, subscribe to Made Man's YouTube channe …


3 Movie Cocktails Any Film Lover Should Know

Cinema and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly, but there are certain movie cocktails that any film lover should know. These cocktails aren't just for getting drunk, they exist to pay tribute to the movies that helped popularize them. Every time you down one of these libations, you are celebrating the memory of celluloid superiority. So get your highball glass ready and check out these …


4 Thanksgiving Cocktails You Will Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is about more than just being thankful for food, it can also be about Thanksgiving cocktail that you'll be thankful for. You don't want all of those food to get lonely in your stomach; you need to liven things up with a healthy infusion of delicious alcohol. Turkey Day is full of rich and delcious flavors, and these drinks are no different. These Thanksgiving cocktails you'll be thank …


3 Vermouth Drinks You Should Be Drinking

If you don't know what vermouth is, there are still plenty of vermouth drinks you should be drinking (it's a fortified wine, by the way). Aside from being used in almost every traditional martini recipe in the known universe, vermouth can be mixed into any number of cocktails to add depth of flavor or cut the bite of harsher spirits. These three vermouth drinks you should be drinking are delicious …


Video: How to Make Awesome Bacon Appetizers

Most people will agree that just about everything is better with bacon. That includes parties. So why not top off your next get-together with a few trays of bacon-centric appetizers? This week on For the Win, Mike Capes shows you how to make a mouthwatering collection of bacon hors d'oeuvres. Try not to drool on your keyboard.


The Best-Looking Sandwich/Heart Attack We’ve Seen Today

In the men’s website business, we get so many ridiculously useless emails that most just float on by as our eyes glaze over. But every once in a while, one just kinda grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Such was the case with the following note from Diane Bulnes, a rep for Betty Crocker: Hi Steve, Betty Crocker has launched its second annual Betty 10: Red Hot Holiday Trends list, which …


Seven Drinks That Are Making You Fat

Booze means escape, relaxation and the shedding of inhibitions, but certain beverages can get you into trouble. And we’re not talking about long-term liver damage and regrettable decisions. We’re talking about your waistline ...


Tequila Drinks

Looking for recipes for tequila drinks? Tequila is a cultural symbol of Mexico, which you may have guessed if you've ever been to a Cinquo de Mayo celebration. The name "tequila" is legally protected and can only be used for the drink made from blue agave in the Jalisco region of Mexico. It's fermented from agave, a plant similar to cactus or aloe vera. In addition to making deli …


Beef Jerky Recipes For Dehydrators

Looking for beef jerky recipes for dehydrators? Homemade jerky is a healthy, portable snack that delivers a high-protein punch without the preservatives and other unwanted ingredients of packaged beef jerky. Try out one of these beef jerky recipes with your food dehydrator. To make a basic beef jerky recipe for dehydrators, you will need: 2 lbs. beef strip steak or flank steak 2/ …


Win a Jim Beam Gift Set, Kid Rock Tells You How

Are you a Jim Beam loyalist? Do you carry a flask of the stuff to bars just in case they're out? While your loyalty may not run that deep, just about any man can appreciate a glass of bourbon. Which is why we're giving away a Jim Beam gift set, complete with shot glasses, a cocktail shaker, a flask and everything else pictured at right. What's more, Kid Rock endorses it, and he's tied his latest a …