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Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Can't cook? Look good trying with the clever-est knife set we've seen in a while. From Belgian industrial designer Mia Schmallenbach, Deglon's nested stainless steel knives are more sculpture than kitchenware, so expect to pay fine art prices ($574). But consider that along with the stunning visual impact, you’re going to get many more years of use out of these than whatever you’re tempted to buy …


Strange Foods and Better Sleep

Interrupted sleep getting you down? Check out Modern Man's tips on how to improve your shut-eye. Also, what's the deal with all those "healthy" foods your supermarket seems to be stocking these days? Low-fat? Low-calorie? Are they actually good for you? Men's Health has the inside scoop. Those and more in the day's top stories for men. Top TV Picks of the Week (Maxim) The Week In Women (FHM) …


Grilling Skills and Manly Meals

Getting ready to fire up the grill? Read some advice on the subject from Maxim first. Then head over to Ask Men to check out the manliest meals in the world. Those and more in the day's top stories for men. Good Advice On Grilling (Maxim) The Week In Women (FHM) 10 Alternatives to Water (Men's Health) The Best Running Shoes for Men (Modern Man) The Manliest Meals On Earth (Ask Men) …


Modern Man Editor Drinks On the Job

Not everyone can wait until Labor Day weekend to get hammered. Zack Zeigler, one of our bros at Modern Man, for instance, prefers to get his drink on in the middle of the workday, with his boss sitting right across the table from him. Of course, things tend to function a little differently at a men's lifestyle magazine. Want to down half a bottle of vodka before 3pm on a weekday? Just call it an i …