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4 Tricks To Help You Hold Your Liquor

With these four tricks to help you hold your liquor, you can become the life of the party, rather than the dud that taps out earlier than everyone else. If you prefer hard liquor to other types of alcohol, you may need to employ some tricks to help you hold it. This is mainly because liquor can have a much higher alcohol content than other drinks, such as beer or wine. Drink water. A simple tri …


How to Cook Prime Rib Right

It’s the time of year to step up your culinary game, and serving proper prime rib is a manly way to impress the whole damn fam. Well, everyone except the vegans, anyway. So heed these notes on seasoning, cooking and serving with success.


16 Warm, Wonderful Whiskeys

We’ve spent the past month sampling from several bottles to pass along our thoughts on what to drink this holiday season. We heartily recommend these 16 warm, wonderful whiskeys.


4 Ginger Ale Cocktails Perfect For Any Occasion

Ginger ale isn't a beverage to be consumed only when you're feeling a little queasy. A crisp, refreshing ginger ale is a perfect mixer for cocktails. It's neutral enough to work with different types of spirits but has that distinctive bite that will bring your booze to the next level. These four ginger ale-based cocktails are perfect for any occasion and they might even make you feel good when you …


8 Delicious Holiday Beers

Come wintertime food and drink get a little bit spicier and a whole lot heavier. Holiday beers are no exception.


6 Of The Most Collectible Beers

When it comes to the most collectible beers, there are many different options to choose from. Beer lovers know that there is literally no end to the number of delicious, unique brews out there. However, if you're looking to start up a beer bottle and can collection, you're going to need to think beyond taste. From limited quantity beers to seasonal favorites and everything in between, it shouldn't …


How To Play The Office Drinking Game

    "The Office" has been one of the staples of NBC’s prime-time programming. "The Office" features the often times hilarious exploits of the crew at Dunder Mifflin, a fictional paper supply company. Like a typical office, the characters in the show are given to fits of ego, boredom and strange behavior that often borders on the inappropriate. Fans of the show often enjoy it even m …


The Butcher Block: How To Buy The Right Kitchen Knives

Unless you want your dinner guests wondering why their food was hacked up instead of sliced up, you're going to need to know how to buy the right kitchen knives. Sure, you can keep buying the same $20 set every year, but unless you're just using them to put slits in microwave dinners, a good set of knives is the best investment. Knives aren't just about making you look like you know what's going o …


SingleCut Beersmiths: Unique Brews

Looking for potent pints? In the second installment of Spirits and Hops, radio personality Richard Christy (The Howard Stern Show) heads to an upstart brewery in Queens, New York to sample their stuff and find out what makes the best craft beer.


Get Drunk And Feel Great With These 6 Healthy Cocktails

There are benefits to getting drunk when adding these feel great ingredients! Cocktails should include the perks of a nutritional garnish. But take the garnish up a notch for a full fledge cocktail make-over. Fruits are in! Banana Banshee. 1/2 oz Creme de Banana 1/2 oz Creme de Cacao 1 oz low fat cream 1/2 banana Ice Bananas benefit bones and assists in disease prevention. …


Barcade: Craft Beer & Video Games

If you’re ever hankering for some craft beer and classic arcade games, then head on over to Barcade, Brooklyn’s own craft beer bar and arcade. We sent radio personality Richard Christy (The Howard Stern Show) to get the inside scoop.


The Butcher Block: What To Look For When Buying A Smoker

If you're looking to take your food to the next level, you're going to need to know what to look for when buying a smoker. Sure, you might feel like you're accomplishing something by standing over a grill and feeling the heat from the flames. But a good smoker gives your barbecue the time it needs to cook, and lets your meat absorb flavor without getting dried out. Once you have your n …


Grapes, Wine and Rock ’n’ Roll

Beyond the label, Wines That Rock capture something about the album or band they reference, giving you a full-spectrum taste experience.


5 Schnapps Cocktails You Should Drink More Often

Schnapps gets a bad wrap. Sure, it's that tasty liquor which you swiped from your parent's liquor cabinet to get buzzed when you were a teenager and was generally tagged as a "girlie" drink, since it was so fruity and sweet. You usually didn't drink it around your buddies to avoid being made fun of and this mentality has stuck since, from the day you actually reached legal dr …


3 Everclear Cocktails That Are Not To Be Taken Lightly

Drinking everclear is generally dangerous business, as it is almost like drinking pure rubbing alcohol. In other words, a very small amount will go a long way, get you wasted, reign terror on your liver and body and possibly cause you to blackout and not remember the vast majority of the night. While that may sound like a standard Thursday in most college dorms, you should always use caution when …


8 Romantic Breakfast In Bed Ideas That Will Save You From Sleeping On the Couch

Breakfast in bed can be one of the most romantic ways to start you and your lover’s day, or it can result in a really big mess. Not only can a mess fall all over the expensive comforter, but it can mess up the rest of your day by creating a really crabby dame. Do it bad enough, and you’ll be sleeping on the couch for weeks. The keys to romantic breakfast in bed success include your timing, executi …


6 Winter Drinks That You Should Drink Year Round

The best winter drinks are found with the words beer or lager on the label. Take it from a licensed bartender. The next six beer and lager winter drinks are like no other seasonal beverage with a splash of class in a glass, taste to embrace, and a robust you can trust. Enjoy one of these winter drinks and you just may wish to spring through summer and fall into winter, over and over again. Samu …


7 Weird Drinks That Are Also Delicious

You drink a lot. Every time your bartender asks you, "What'll you have?" you mentally go through the list of your favorite drinks. Beer might sound too heavy and whiskey always leads to trouble. You're stuck, caught in the drinker's doldrums of monotony. No matter how much you drink there are always more options out there. So get a little crazy with it and explore the alcoholic frontier: the world …


Ken Norris, the Catch-Inspired King

Portland’s Riffle NW and its back-to-basics approach have won over hipsters and food critics alike. We caught up with the man behind the hot fish joint to talk Northwest cuisine, how to score fresh scales and the future of food. Hint: it involves wolf eel.


The Taste: 7 Decadent Desserts

The third installment of our LA Times The Taste photo series is all about dessert. Cupcakes, regular cakes, ice cream and a couple things we'd never seen before. All make for a fine viewing experience.


Ricardo Zarate: LA’s Hottest Chef?

His first restaurant had Food & Wine magazine naming him “Best New Chef.” His second is a semifinalist for a James Beard Award. We caught up with the Peru-born culinary phenom to talk home cooking, favorite dishes and the future of food.


6 Of The Best Oktoberfest Beers

Oktoberfest started in Munich, Germany with a royal wedding in 1810. It then evolved into an agriculture show and slowly morphed into a three-week binge drinking holiday celebrated around the world. People want to get their drink on so bad that Oktoberfest starts in the middle of September and ends on the first Sunday of October. A special fall-season strong beer is brewed for the celebration and …


5 Health Foods You Won’t Hate

How many times did you hear your mother say, "Eat it. It's good for you!'' And how many times did you hide said food and throw it away discreetly at the first opportunity? This probably happened a lot. What you really want and really need is health food that is both good for you and good for your taste buds. You need healthy foods you won't hate. The good news is that your mom may have been missin …


New York’s Best Secret Restaurants

New York is home to an impressive collection of underground restaurants. Operating off the grid, they offer a unique dining experience with creative menu options and style of service. These nine are the cream of the crop.


The Taste: 7 Seas of Seafood

Part three of our photographic excursion to the LA Times The Taste festival is all about the seafood. Ceviche, unagi, oysters and more, all prepared by LA's best chefs and presented in mouth-watering food porn form. Enjoy.


Chefs of Anarchy: NYC’s Best Dog

Hot dog fans crave the deep-fried options at Crif Dogs in NYC’s East Village, where toppings range from cream cheese and fried eggs to chili and bacon. Watch as our crew reinvents their smoked beef and pork dog with, yes, a 100 percent duck dog…


The Manliest Manly Cocktails, Man

Want a manly drink? Order a whiskey neat. Want a manly cocktail? Try any of these five time-tested, man-approved beverages, with recipes from our friends at


7 Breweries We’d Like to Call Home

It's natural to be a little jealous of people who work at breweries. But "a little jealous" doesn't even begin to cover the envy you'll feel after seeing these seven beautiful brewhouses... CONTINUED