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The 5 Least Manly Things You Can Have In Your Kitchen

The kitchen will always be one of the key rooms in your home. When you are a single man or a man who does most of the cooking in your family, the kitchen is your domain. You want everyone to feel welcome, but there should be no doubt that it's your area. You don't want to have an unmanly kitchen. You can get the job done while avoiding feminine trappings that are often associated with kitchen desi …


6 Whiskey Shots Everyone Should Know How To Make

Whiskey is one of the planet's most popular liquors, so there are plenty of whiskey shots everyone should know how to make. Some are simple, some complicated, but mastering enough will turn the most antisocial wallflower into the bartending life of the party-so long as he doesn't drop the bottle when he starts to think he's Tom Cruise. A short trip to the store should be all you need to prepare fo …


The 5 Best Beers to Seek This Season

As temperatures start to rise, keep an eye out for these winning warm weather brews. They channel the time of year, make the sun shine a little brighter and—don’t let the photo fool you—taste best when quaffed from a crystal-clear pint glass.


The Butcher Block: Cooking The Different Cuts Of Pork

Pork is one of the most versatile meats and it is flavorful and delicious. It can be lean, it can be rich and flavorful, but it's almost always delicious. If you are trying to eat "heart smart," pork can be a regular part of your diet, and if you want to indulge, you can do that as well. There are many ways to prepare chops, tenderloin and roasts. Here’s how to cook the different cuts of pork. Som …


5 Ancient Drinks You Can Order At A Modern Bar

Monkeys love to get their drink on. In Darwin's eyes, we are natural born, evolved and fit drinkers. Humans have been making alcohol since they could raise a glass with the Missing Link, so get primal with your drinking and order these five ancient alcoholic beverages in your modern bar. Mead. On the African continent more than 40,000 years ago, feral bees would nest in the dry season. The wet …


10 Athlete-Owned Restaurants Worth a Visit

Legendary Knick Clyde Frazier recently opened an upscale eatery in New York City, joining scads of pros who have given the restaurant business a shot. Just because a guy can dribble doesn’t mean he knows food, but these jock-backed joints make the cut.


The 5 Best Cocktails For Cheap Rum

The cost of brand name rum can be as much as $20 or $50, but you can get a cheap bottle of rum for only eight bucks! If you like to drink rum but don’t want to pay premium prices, try one of these five cocktail recipes for cheap rum to get your party going on the cheap! Coladas &Daiquiris. If you don’t like to taste the booze flavor, Coladas and Daiquiris are the way to go because they're …


7 Reasons to Check Out Whisky Live

Gentleman, it is spring, when our thoughts turn to love. And, for the refined fellow, not just love of women, but of whisky. The good news is, in six cities across the continent, you can indulge that love at Whisky Live. Here’s how.


3 One Pot Date Night Recipes

Getting ready for a date is stressful enough without having the burden of having to cook an extravagant feast. So instead of being stuck in the kitchen all day without any time left to primp and prep, try any of these one pot recipes. They’re easy to do and leaving all the ingredients in one pot all day makes them full of flavor!   Spring Chicken in a Pot You will need: …


7 Ways Alcohol Is Good For You

Copyright Owen Franken We always read stuff in the news about all the stupid things people do when they’re drunk. Your local paper may even have a few DUIs in the police blotter. But did you know alcohol actually has some health benefits? Despite all the horrible things hooch does to your body, sometimes it can actually be good for you. Before discussing the upsides of alcohol, though, we need …


The 4 Best Beers For A Backyard BBQ

Who doesn't love a backyard BBQ? The smell of of burgers and hot dogs grilling, playing ridiculous games, or just chilling with your best buddies doing nothing but chowing down and drinking beer. But what kind of beer should you have at a backyard BBQ? While the following beers will get your BBQ to a good place, we're not responsible if someone drinks too much of these delicious brews, begins to t …


5 Beers All Men Over 35 Should Drink

When it comes time to leave 18-packs and college keggers behind and move into the land of 4-packs and caged-and-corked 750 ml bottles, a veteran of more than two dozen beer festivals recommends these five blessed brews.