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4 Tricks To Help You Hold Your Liquor

With these four tricks to help you hold your liquor, you can become the life of the party, rather than the dud that taps out earlier than everyone else. If you prefer hard liquor to other types of alcohol, you may need to employ some tricks to help you hold it. This is mainly because liquor can have a much higher alcohol content than other drinks, such as beer or wine. Drink water. A simple tri …


How to Cook Prime Rib Right

It’s the time of year to step up your culinary game, and serving proper prime rib is a manly way to impress the whole damn fam. Well, everyone except the vegans, anyway. So heed these notes on seasoning, cooking and serving with success.


16 Warm, Wonderful Whiskeys

We’ve spent the past month sampling from several bottles to pass along our thoughts on what to drink this holiday season. We heartily recommend these 16 warm, wonderful whiskeys.


4 Ginger Ale Cocktails Perfect For Any Occasion

Ginger ale isn't a beverage to be consumed only when you're feeling a little queasy. A crisp, refreshing ginger ale is a perfect mixer for cocktails. It's neutral enough to work with different types of spirits but has that distinctive bite that will bring your booze to the next level. These four ginger ale-based cocktails are perfect for any occasion and they might even make you feel good when you …


8 Delicious Holiday Beers

Come wintertime food and drink get a little bit spicier and a whole lot heavier. Holiday beers are no exception.