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6 Five Dollar Meals That Taste Like 20 Dollars

By shopping at a no-frills discount supermarket where food is dirt cheap, you can make six five-dollar meals that taste like twenty dollars. Some are even date-worthy! Just take $30 and buy all your ingredients at once to prepare for six days of getting your grub on, on the cheap. Here’s how! You will need: 2 large chicken breasts = $3 2lbs ground beef = $5 1lb ham = $4.25 1 onion …


High Steaks 3: Rock the Rib Eye

This steak doesn’t just have a manly name—it also tastes so great it’ll knock your socks off. Not to mention the socks of whoever is lucky enough to be joining you for a meaty feast with it as the centerpiece. Here are all the expert prep tips you’ll need...


To Hollywood! 2 Cool Oscars Drinks

The 84th Academy Awards is this Sunday. For some people, this is a really big deal. For the rest of us, it’s just a great excuse to get a little tipsy.


The 3 Healthiest Chinese Fast Food Options

When you're ordering something quick from an Asian restaurant, you might wonder what the healthiest Chinese fast food options are. Chinese take-out can be delicious, but sometimes that flavor comes at the cost of your dieting. A lot of the food is fried in oil and loaded with salt, and those are both no-nos when it comes to keeping your heart healthy and your blood pressure low. That's no reason t …


Strange Brew: How Beer Gets Made

We sat down with Molson master brewer Jonathan Lowes. Here’s what we learned about making the kind of beverage—like Molson M, the world’s only microcarbonated lager—that flies off the shelves in Canada, America and all over the world.


4 Romantic Desserts You Can Make Your Girlfriend In Under 5 Minutes

There’s no getting around it. Women love sweets and a man who cooks. Lucky for you guys, we have 4 romantic desserts that you make in under 5 minutes, and your girlfriend will love them. They require no cooking or baking, but are sure to satisfy her sweet tooth and make you look like a world-class dessert chef. Warning: serving these desserts on a frequent basis may lead to spoiling her, and turn …


High Steaks 2: Classy Filet Mignon

Tell friends you’re making steak and they will cheer. Mention filet mignon and it will barely be out of your mouth before they’re hightailing it to your place. But once you’ve set the bar, you’ve got to back it up with superior execution. Here’s how.


The Football: A Mobile Party Briefcase

Want the ability to launch a party from any location? With an impressive lineup of drinks, entertainment and just about everything else you might need for a memorable occasion, The Football is the answer...CONTINUED


7 Ways Being A Better Cook Can Make You A Better Lover

Some guys just can't understand how cooking could possibly make you a better lover. Trust us, it can, and it will. In fact there are quite a number of ways it can help you (seven, according to this list!). The art of cooking and the art of lovemaking, share certain similarities with one another. Finding those universal parallels can make you better in the "art" you choose. As always, improvement c …


4 French Cocktails For International Lovers

When it comes to serving mixed drinks on special occasions, there's nothing better than French cocktails. Especially when it comes to impressing a special lady friend, just about anything French does the trick; plus, a great cocktail will really help set off that cultured and sophisticated image you are trying to cultivate. So, it's a win-win no matter what. Here are the four French cocktails we g …


4 Girly Drinks You Should Never Order

The bar is easily one of the manliest places in existence. A candy shop for adults full of all the delights you could ever hope to embrace. Sometimes these choices prove too much or too frightening and you resort to ordering sweet, ridiculously tart drinks.  To help avoid this disaster here are 4 drinks men should never order, and the drinks you can replace them with. Red Headed Slut This mi …


How To Make Your Girlfriend Breakfast In Bed

So, you want to know how to make your girlfriend breakfast in bed, but you're a novice in the kitchen. When it comes to saying "I love you" without words, food can do wonders. It's important to learn your way around the kitchen if you want to impress your girlfriend. Don't worry, it's not as hard as you think. With a little preparation, you'll see that it's easy to make your girlfriend breakfast i …


4 Dishes Every Man Should Know How To Cook

Even if you're not a gourmet, there are still dishes every man should know how to cook. Remember those cookouts back when you were a kid, where your dad manned the grill? A man's domain can certainly extend beyond barbecue, but hey, you're a guy; what's life without a little charbroil? Keep grilling, but don't neglect your stove. To that end, feast your eyes on the four dishes that every man shoul …


3 Manly Food Items To Bring To A Potluck

You are used to bringing your own beer anywhere, but coming up with manly food items to bring to a Super Bowl potluck might pose more of a challenge. You certainly do not want to show up with non-manly foods, like dainty tea sandwiches or angel cake, as you’ll get laughed out of the neighborhood. You can instead focus on macho dishes that are easy, delicious and keep your reputation intact. Mea …


Secrets of the Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary has a fascinating backstory, and the regional variations it has inspired range from exceptionally tasty to exceptionally suspect. Here's the story and the best variations.


Drink This: Newcastle Founder’s Ale

When it comes to brown ale, only one thing is better than Newcastle—a Newcastle limited edition. Thankfully, Newcastle has just released its fourth limited-edition brew, Founder’s Ale.