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5 Condiments Every Man Needs

Here is a quick lesson in the five condiments every man needs. There is more to a condiment than a package that leaks liquid substance. When it comes to good taste, condiments know how to bring it! So what are these five condiments every man needs? A1 Steak Sauce for the A1 man. The United Kingdom gave men what they wanted in 1831: a steak sauce that would prove flavor-enhancing to bland meat …


Cold Brew For The Game: 4 Of The Best Beers For Watching Football

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. The biggest game of the football season is back and what goes perfect with pigskin? Beer. Of course during every game there are about a dozen beer commercials, making you crave an iced cold one to help wash down that platter of wings and make life seem worth living—even when your team is down by three touchdowns. The Super Bowl only comes once a year …


Cheers! The 6 Best Super Bowl Drinks

In honor of Super Bowl 46, Made Man’s house mixologist presents beverages hailing from the two contenders’ hometowns. From New York’s Bronx Cocktail (left) to New England’s Ward 8 (right), they’ll guarantee that no matter who wins, you’ll be ready to celebrate.


Drink This: Glenrothes Vintage 1995

This 16-year-old single malt might not be old enough to get into bars, but that won’t stop you from wanting to spend quality time with it.


5 Beers No Man Should Drink After 25

You had your fun in college. Now it's time to stop drinking crappy beers. Pour yourself a good micro brew from Vermont or Colorado and take a few lessons here. If you're 25 or older and drink any of the following beers, you're simply stuck in the past. You're one of those hangers-on. All your friends are talking behind your back and speculating about when you'll get a job and get on with your life …


6 Daily Fruits That Can Completely Change How You Feel

Remember that apple-a-day mantra designed to keep the doctor away?  It's true. Certain fruits are powerful illness preventatives. But that's not all, and apples are not the only fruit on the list. Learn about six other daily fruits that not only keep the doctor away, but that also change the way you feel for the better! "Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together/Put the lime in t …


How To Make A Sazerac

The Sazerac is a traditional New Orleans cocktail. It's a notable drink because it uses ingredients with strong flavors, it has to be mixed together in a proper way and it has a unique taste that is unlike most bar drinks. It was first made in 1859 at the Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans. It is powerfully strong, and it is considered a man's drink. When your football team lost on the last posse …


5 Things In Your Fridge And What They Say To Your Girlfriend

You can learn a lot about a person based on what they have in their refrigerator. A guy with beer nuts and, well, beer stocked in his fridge probably isn't the most health-conscious man out there. while lots of fruits and vegetables and protein-filled items may be a sign of a person that keeps in shape. Traditionally, guys don't go snooping around in other peoples' fridges trying to gain intel. If …


Drink This: Peligroso Tequila

At 84 proof rather than 80, Peligroso is Spanish for dangerous, a hair more hazardous than other tequilas and far more flavorful.


Bender Bound Booze Books

In some settings, traditional flasks can fall tragically short. Ingenious solution? Glass bottles that fit perfectly into hollowed-out vintage books. Naturally. Click the pic for more.


3 Easy Indian Recipes To Cook For Your Naan-Loving Girlfriend

If your girlfriend has a taste for Indian food, then it's a safe bet that you'll be looking for easy Indian recipes to cook for your naan-loving girlfriend at some point. After all, going out to eat all the time gets expensive. Besides, you know she'll be super impressed when you whip out the chef's hat and start cooking up one of her favorite Indian recipes. You'll be scoring big time points with …


4 Japanese Beers You Should Be Drinking

Japan is known for sake, but the most popular alcoholic beverage in the Land of the Rising Sun is beer. Beer is so popular in Japan, you can even get a can of it in some vending machines (at one time you were also able to get used school girl panties in vending machines in Japan too, but we won't go there). In the good ol' US of A, only a few Japanese beer brands are available. So which ones shoul …


4 Celebration Cocktails You Should Enjoy In Victory And Defeat

Ah, the sweet taste of victory. It fills you up, satisfies you, and makes you generally feel good about yourself. But you know what else does that? Liquor. In a perfect world, you'd always pick up the win and celebrate with a little taste of alcohol, but sometimes life can be rough. Sometimes you don't win, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sweet taste of a celebration cocktail. In either …


3 Shots Drinking Games You Should Think Twice Before Trying

From billiards to trivia, drinking and playing games are two elements of partying that go hand in hand. Seasoned social drinkers know, that when partying with friends you’re bound to wind up playing a few drinking games. There’s nothing wrong with a friendly game of quarters, or hitting up the old college beer bong every now and again. But there are at least 3 types of shot drinking games that you …