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4 Campfire Recipes Your Girlfriend Will Love Under The Stars

After a day of showing off your superior stamina on the trails and knowledge lingering from your Cub Scout days, demonstrate your cooking skills with 4 campfire recipes your girlfriend will love. A warm fire on a cool night is just as good as candlelight, and a night of romance calls for more than roasting wienies on a stick. Step up to paper plates and some simple, tasty food that may well help y …


4 Coffee Cocktails You Can Order For Your Hipster Girlfriend (Or Yourself)

There’s nothing like the smooth combination of coffee and liquor to take the edge off of a tough day. For some, a cup of coffee will not only provide a bit of a pick-me-up early in the day, it will also ease the rough edges that occur throughout. Combining coffee with a flavored brand of booze may give your hipster girlfriend a much-needed thrill. Here are four coffee cocktails that the two of you …


How to Serve Ricard Pastis

After absinthe was banned in their country, the French needed a substitute. The answer was ricard pastis, an anise-flavored liqueur that, when combined with ice water, forms a flavorful milky cocktail. Try it for yourself using this video tutorial from our friends at, and get the full recipe here.


4 Romantic Meals You Can Make At Home

When you meet the girl of your dreams there are a number of protocol that you must go through. Firstly, you exchange phone numbers, and then you have your first date at a bar or a cinema. If all of this goes well, you then must ponder what kind of meal you are going to cook for her when she finally walks into your abode for the first time. This of course is a very important decision. It needs to b …


The 6 Best Asian Street Food Dishes You Wish You Were Eating

If you ever have a chance to travel to the Far East, one of the things you will enjoy the most during your journey across the Pacific is the delicious foods. You don’t have to go into the fanciest restaurants to get a feeling for the culture and the cuisine. There are great meals that you can purchase on the street throughout the continent. Here are six of the best Asian street foods you wish you …


The 6 Best Las Vegas Buffets

One of the best reasons to visit Las Vegas is to partake in their famous buffets. When you go to Las Vegas, you're not supposed to eat like a bird. Instead, it's almost your duty to eat like a pig. All the major hotels have buffets, which appear to have endless variety and an endless supply of great food. Finding a place to fill up on food is almost as important as choosing a comfortable locale to …


The 12 Best Bacon Things That Aren’t Bacon

Bacon. Some call it the greatest driving force of modern society, and people love it so much they use it to make things that bacon really has no business being a part of. Like this stuff... CONTINUED


How to Make Sangrita

Learn how to make Sangrita, the Mexican bloody mary, courtesy of


5 Shots It’s Ok To Drink At Dinner

Shots of alcohol are usually associated with an evening of drinking, perhaps with the goal of getting good and drunk and being front and center. However, you don't have to have the intentions of getting drunk in order to have a shot of booze. In many cases, you can have a shot before, during, or after your dinner with the idea that it will make your meal better and more enjoyable. Here are five sh …


9 Of The Biggest Grills To Ever Cook A Fine Summer Meal

Is bigger better? Find out by using one of these large grills to cook that festive summer meal. Since bigger could mean price, cost, size or shape, all is considered before coming up with these beauties. Beginning with the Hybrid. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Hybrid is only fifteen grand. Cook with wood, gas or charcoal on this Kalamazoo nine-hundred model. Combine flavors by altering cooking func …


4 Steps To Make Your Own Cocktail

Whether you're trying to impress the ladies ala Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" or just want to create the perfect drink to bear your name, these 4 steps to make your own cocktail will improve your chances of making a drink you will enjoy and potentially help hotties' clothes fall off. So, break out the glasses, the rocks and a dash of creativity. You're about to earn the title of Drinkmaster and astound …


Tailgate the All-Star Game—at Home!

Know what’s great about having your friends over to watch a game at your own domicile? No one is going to yell, “Down in front!” Plus, no paying 20 bucks for subpar hot dogs and beer. If you’re not a natural host, however, you may need some pointers. Having recently opened up my sixth restaurant, Happy’s Bar and Kitchen, near Fenway Park, I’ve got your game-day grub tips and dishes right here. …


Serve Absinthe—and Stay Sane

You don't have to worry about losing your mind to the stuff, but preparing it the right way is another matter. Let the gents at guide you through the process with this step-by-step video.


The 7 Most American Cocktails

Americans like to relax. Part of the process often includes taking that relaxation to the next level with a little liquid refreshment. In many cases, beer or wine will do when it comes to finding a beverage of choice. However, Americans are also quite creative, and there are a number of cocktails that are classically American. Some of them are so good that the rest of the world has adopted them, w …


The 5 Best Fireworks Shows In The World

Every year, there are thousands of fireworks shows going on throughout the world. People stand in awe and watch explosions of color in the sky. To get the best experience of a firework show you can't just get up and go to any random show. Plan a special trip to any one of these five destinations across the world to watch a one of a kind fireworks show. Trust us, it's worth every cent! 1. …