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4 Tequila Shots That Will Take Your Night To Another Level

Tequila is a wild man's drink. It's a rough drink, too. It goes down like fire, and it can lead to situations where your pants have mysteriously disappeared, and you suddenly find yourself wearing a huge sombrero. But why just drink the Mexican nectar straight up when you can add a little panache to your shots? Add some extra spice to your drinking with these four tequila shots that will take your …


The Butcher Block: Cooking The Different Cuts of Beef

Despite the health concerns of dieticians, nutritionists and the medical profession who are concerned about calories and fat content, beef remains among the most popular choices for Americans as a staple of their diet. In fact, new dietetic research suggests two or three servings of red meat is actually important and beneficial! Beef is relatively easy to prepare and it can cook quickly, depending …


Dine Out Like a Man, Lose 30 Pounds

So you’d like to shed some excess winter insulation, but you don’t want to make sweeping lifestyle changes, learn how to toast flaxseed or choke down cardboard-flavored Kashi? Follow this real-life advice to slim down while eating out.


The 4 Best Breakfasts To Cure A Hangover

Drinking can be fun, but it comes with a price. After a hard night out, if you plan to get up and moving, you're going to need one of the four best breakfasts to cure a hangover. Unfortunately, this will be your last chance to feel better, since stopping a hangover is best done during the night when you're drinking. Mainly, the goal is to stay hydrated between drinking, with large amounts of water …


High Steaks 4: Hanger Time

For the final segment of his mouth-watering steak series, Bruce Bozzi Jr. of The Palm chops up the classic yet often-underrated hanger steak. Done right, it can rival higher-seeded cuts in terms of impressiveness, memorable-ness and flavor. Here’s how.


4 Drinks You Can Use Cheap Scotch In

Not everyone likes scotch, and even Ron Burgundy doesn't like cheap scotch. If you happen to have a plastic handle of cheap scotch lying around, don't worry, there is a way to use it. Make some fancy cocktails and bury that gasoline deep with some other flavors. Here are four recipes that'll help you get rid of your cheap scotch. Rusty Nail You know how to make that cheap scotch not taste …


Seven Fathoms Rum: One Deep Spirit

Food and drink expert Ricky Crawford shares his latest discovery: Seven Fathoms Rum, a spirit aged in the tropics, deep under the sea.


How Single People in America Drink

With St. Patty's Day upon us—and a tide of green beer fast approaching—the inquisitive folks at How About We decided to take a look at how and where single people in America are drinking. They fielded a simple question to a group of participants: How much do you drink? The responses reveal a few interesting points, including which cities house the heaviest drinkers. Did your city make the cut? If …


4 Types Of Hipsters You Will See Drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon

The hipster species consists of numerous subcultures. While facial hair choices, musical preferences, and tastes in bicycle styles may fluctuate, one constant exists across the hipster spectrum: their beer of choice is typically Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR). For those of you needing more details about the hipster species, here's a quick look at four types of hipsters you will see drinking PBR. The B …


5 Whisky Cocktail Recipes For Every Cowboy

Every cowboy needs a whisky cocktail now and then. You don't have to drink it straight anymore, even if the cowboys of yesterday would chastise you for mixing it. But forget about them; you're covered with the following easy to follow recipes. These cocktails are designed for those with high expectations and a simple bar without too many expensive ingredients.   <img id="10601&quo …


6 Unexpected Benefits of Drinking

Some eggheads claim that drinking is somehow “detrimental to your health.” We’ve got news for them: some other eggheads say that drinking is really good for you. Here are just a few of the wonderful byproducts of booze.


3 Cheap Restaurants In San Francisco Because 3 Is All There Are

If you don't have a San Francisco income, you can lose your shirt there faster than you would in Vegas. Do not fear because you are about to get the scoop on three cheap restaurants in San Francisco. To be honest, there are probably more then 3 restaurants that fit your low budget even if they're hard to find. The restaurants below just happen to boast a frugal reputation among cheapskates. With t …


The World’s Best Hot Dog Is in… Paris

The same bar that brought us the Bloody Mary was the first French joint to serve franks. Renowned sportswriter Wright Thompson explains why it’s the perfect place to blow off steam—and indulge in that American classic. With mustard, of course.