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Ken Norris, the Catch-Inspired King

Portland’s Riffle NW and its back-to-basics approach have won over hipsters and food critics alike. We caught up with the man behind the hot fish joint to talk Northwest cuisine, how to score fresh scales and the future of food. Hint: it involves wolf eel.


The Taste: 7 Decadent Desserts

The third installment of our LA Times The Taste photo series is all about dessert. Cupcakes, regular cakes, ice cream and a couple things we'd never seen before. All make for a fine viewing experience.


Ricardo Zarate: LA’s Hottest Chef?

His first restaurant had Food & Wine magazine naming him “Best New Chef.” His second is a semifinalist for a James Beard Award. We caught up with the Peru-born culinary phenom to talk home cooking, favorite dishes and the future of food.


6 Of The Best Oktoberfest Beers

Oktoberfest started in Munich, Germany with a royal wedding in 1810. It then evolved into an agriculture show and slowly morphed into a three-week binge drinking holiday celebrated around the world. People want to get their drink on so bad that Oktoberfest starts in the middle of September and ends on the first Sunday of October. A special fall-season strong beer is brewed for the celebration and …


5 Health Foods You Won’t Hate

How many times did you hear your mother say, "Eat it. It's good for you!'' And how many times did you hide said food and throw it away discreetly at the first opportunity? This probably happened a lot. What you really want and really need is health food that is both good for you and good for your taste buds. You need healthy foods you won't hate. The good news is that your mom may have been missin …


New York’s Best Secret Restaurants

New York is home to an impressive collection of underground restaurants. Operating off the grid, they offer a unique dining experience with creative menu options and style of service. These nine are the cream of the crop.


The Taste: 7 Seas of Seafood

Part three of our photographic excursion to the LA Times The Taste festival is all about the seafood. Ceviche, unagi, oysters and more, all prepared by LA's best chefs and presented in mouth-watering food porn form. Enjoy.


Chefs of Anarchy: NYC’s Best Dog

Hot dog fans crave the deep-fried options at Crif Dogs in NYC’s East Village, where toppings range from cream cheese and fried eggs to chili and bacon. Watch as our crew reinvents their smoked beef and pork dog with, yes, a 100 percent duck dog…


The Manliest Manly Cocktails, Man

Want a manly drink? Order a whiskey neat. Want a manly cocktail? Try any of these five time-tested, man-approved beverages, with recipes from our friends at


7 Breweries We’d Like to Call Home

It's natural to be a little jealous of people who work at breweries. But "a little jealous" doesn't even begin to cover the envy you'll feel after seeing these seven beautiful brewhouses... CONTINUED


Build a Better Salad With Bacon

We’re on our way to creating a delicious and surprisingly easy four-course dinner, using some of every guy’s favorite ingredients. Last week it was beer, baked into rolls. Today it’s bacon, sautéed with shallots and poured over greens to make a warm salad.


The 4 Best BBQ Restaurants In Austin

  Texas loves its barbecue, so if you can't find four great barbecue restaurants in Austin, you may need to check your map and confirm you're really there. Austin is the home of the South by Southwest Festival, and chances are good that if you're out there schmoozing, you're going to get mighty hungry. You don't just want to go to McDonalds or Wendy's, so instead, get something with Texas' …


Susan Feniger’s STREET Cred

Her acclaimed street food restaurant changed the culinary game when it opened in LA three years ago. We sat down with the Top Chef Masters finalist to discuss the appeal of street eats, spicing up your own kitchen skills and the future of food.


The 6 Least Healthy “Health” Foods

Walk into any supermarket or restaurant and you'll see there are a lot of "healthy" eating options out there, but how many of them are as healthy as they claim? We found at least six you might want to avoid if you're looking to eat right.


How To Brew Your Own Beer

Brewing your own beer is the ultimate hobby. It combines the science of chemistry, the art of cooking, and the craftsmanship of woodworking. It’s one of the only ways you can combine drinking copious amounts of beer with the respectability of mastering a craft. It’s easier to brew beer than you might think. If you just want to get your feet wet, you can pick up kits (Mr. Beer is a …


The Butcher Block: Cooking The Different Cuts Of Chicken

If the chicken knew how tasty it was, it would probably be walking around with an arrogant swagger saved for royalty. Chickens would also probably be savoring each second that they have on this earth. Whether you want to roast, grill, barbecue or fry this fowl creature you know that you are going to get a delightful meal for your efforts. But what are the best ways to cook the different parts of t …


The Taste: 7 Great Meat Treats

At the LA Times The Taste festival last month, we had the chance to sample some amazing meat dishes. Now you have the chance to look at them. Because everyone loves a little food porn, right?


Chefs of Anarchy: New York’s Best Fries

R.J. and his crew head to Grandma Rose’s in Brooklyn—home of fantastic French fries—to deep-fry their own spuds with blow-torched sesame seeds and Hawaiian lava salt for a decadent take on an American classic...


5 Cocktails Women Swoon Over

Mixing cocktails can be fun, especially if you’re preparing one for a lady friend. Break out one of these drinks during your next party or post-date nightcap and you’ll have no trouble impressing the fairer sex. Oh and we swear, not all of them are pink.


7 Cola Cocktails You’ve Never Even Thought Of

  Insert type of alcohol here and Coke. This is a common order at a bar because Coke has such a unique, powerful taste that it can successfully mask the bite of just about any alcohol and make it suddenly taste delicious-nevermind that it may be worse for you than the booze itself. Coke works if you want to drink a lot of something over the course of an evening, get drunk and stay awake at …


The Key to Great Dinner Rolls? Beer!

Over the next four weeks, our Fall For Food blogger will share tips and recipes to help even the lowliest cave cooks evolve into champion chefs. In his first post, he reveals how to turn bread-baking into a masculine, efficient, delicious endeavor.


Bottoms Up! The 6 Best Beer Apps

Sure, drinking beer is fun. But sometimes you want to read about the IPA you’ve just consumed, or figure out what craft beer to drink next, or decide what lager goes best with pork belly sliders. That’s where these awesome beer apps come in...


Ludo Lefebvre’s Moveable Feast

The top-rated, well-tatted chef burst onto the scene with Ludo Bites, his LA pop-up concept that has swept the nation, even spawning a traveling TV series. We asked him about temporary eateries, sexy meals and the future of food.


7 Surprisingly Great $5 Wines

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to empty your wallet for a decent bottle of vino. With the help of NPR wine reporter Stacie Hunt, we tracked down a number of quality wines you can pay for with the change in your couch.


7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drunk Facebook

Admit it. You’ve probably gotten drunk and, at least once, done or said something stupid. Just make sure one of those stupid things is not drunk Facebooking. Playing with Facebook while drunk can be more hazardous than trying to operate heavy machinery, at least for your reputation. Your mind is usually not at its keenest when you’re wasted and sharing that non-keen mind with hundreds of Facebook …


6 Healthy Game Day Foods You Can Eat At A Tailgate

Finding six healthy game day foods you can eat at a tailgate might not be as tough as you think. Tailgating can be a great way to spend game day, and it's a terrific option to show your support to your favorite team. But you need to think carefully about planning, especially when it comes to food, if you and your friends want to pack up your vehicles and do some tailgating on game day. Choose heal …


The Basics Of Beer Pairings

There are a lot of different styles of beer that each have a unique taste. So making a list of what to pair with beer is difficult because really you can pair anything with different types of beer.  Here are some popular foods people drink beer with and their suggested pairings. Written while drinking a Nut Brown Ale from Santa Fe Brewing Company. Bratwurst – Meats in general can hold their wei …


The Taste: 7 Sweet Street Eats

Craving food that's fast, hot and big on flavor? Feast your eyes on the sexiest street food porn from the LA Times The Taste festival. And do your best not to drool on your keyboard.


6 Bomb Shots Every Man Should Do At Least Once

You can't take too many shots during the night, so you might as well make them as bomb as possible. When you wake up you might even remember that awesome little concoction through the fog of your hangover. Those bomb shots can serve as sort of a reference point for you vague memory. Now you just have to remember what happened between each shot. Absinthe... Russian Style This one is not for t …