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Chefs of Anarchy Is Coming Soon!

Relax, folks, we've got six freshly baked, smoking hot, gastronomically rebellious episodes of Chefs of Anarchy just about ready to serve. Check back here this Thursday (and on subsequent Thursdays) to see the gang in action...


The 4 Best New York Beer Gardens

Beer gardens are popular just about everywhere, but they seem especially enjoyable in New York City since there's a sense of friendship and wide open space that is rarely found in the Big Apple. There are a surprising number of them that you should visit, especially during October when Oktoberfest is in full swing. Four of the best beer gardens in New York are listed below. Bohemian H …


6 Bar Tricks That Will Impress Women And Gain You Friends

Nothing will get you more free beers, more quick money, more angry drunk guys wanting to kill you or more impressed women than knowing great bar tricks. Below are a few you should put into your repertoire for any time you are bored at the local watering hole. Remove Bill From Between Two Bottles Make sure the bottles are lined up so they won’t fall. Place a (high dollar) bill betwee …


The Best Whiskey Under $40

Any man can pony up $60 to $100 for a great bottle of alcohol. But a true connoisseur can find those diamonds in the rough that are true miracles of alcohol. These lesser priced, higher grade whiskeys will hit the spot you're looking for and leave you enough money to buy a decent cigar or god forbid some mixers.   Jim Beam Black This fantastic bourbon might not have the same name rec …


The Best Aged Whiskeys And Why They’re Better (And So Expensive)

Is age just a number? The short answer is no, when it comes to drinking whiskey, age matters a heck of a lot! By law—an American whiskey (Kentucky Bourbons, Tennessee whiskeys) must be aged for at least two years, but is generally aged anywhere from two to five.  Scotch whiskeys, on the other hand, must be aged for a minimum of three years.  So, by the very definition, all whiskey is ‘aged’ to …


4 Things You Should Look For In A Good Whiskey

You’re a man. A man who is past the childish days of slamming soco and lime shots at the bar. Past chugging  jack and cokes like it’s your job and you’re looking for a promotion. It’s time to approach whiskey with a grown man’s attention to detail. To begin to love the subtle nuances of whiskey instead of the ham-fisted brashness of your old college whiskey drinks. There are four things every man …


The Proper Way To Drink Whiskey

Gather up all the cherry cola's, ice cube trays, high ball, rocks, and shot glasses in the immediate area—and throw them in the trash!  Today, you're drinking whiskey like an educated (read: REAL) man.   The Location Find a quiet, well lit room—devoid of extraneous smells and distractions.  Open up a few windows to allow some proper ventilation, de-clutter your tasting table and feel …


The 4 Best Wine Cocktails For The Summer

Unless you’re partying with college girls on spring break, there’s going to come a time when your female companions are not impressed by your ability to find the most beer for your buck. Sophisticated ladies prefer sophisticated. During the spring and summer months wine cocktails are the way to go. especially if you want to get your drink on with chicks who don’t throw up at the end of your date. …


Video: Whiskey Drinks Every Man Should Master

Whiskey neat may be the classic, bare-bones approach to man's favorite spirit, but it's not the only way to drink the stuff. This week on For the Win, Mike Capes shows you how to mix a few essential whiskey cocktails. This is what your grandfather drank. For more great advice every week, subscribe to Made Man’s YouTube channel.


Classic Whiskey Cocktails

Old Fashioned Created in the 1880’s the Old Fashioned contains bourbon, sugar, bitters and a splash of water or soda water. It’s the most controversial drink on the list in its variations. The alcohol is always whiskey but it can be either bourbon or rye. Rye is an old fashioned whiskey but Old Fashioneds were created in Kentucky, where bourbon is from. So really the alcohol used is a question …


Whiskey Pairing: The 6 Best Foods To Eat With Whiskey

Red wines goes with beef, white wine goes with fish and milk goes with cereal. What does whiskey go with though? Bad decisions? Wild west saloons? Cirrhosis? No, there are actually some good food pairings with whiskey. Steak Whiskey, it’s what’s for dinner. Pick your favorite cut and have a man’s meal with some whiskey. I personally like filet mignon. It should be cooked medium rare or at t …


Whisky, Scotch, Bourbon and Whiskey: The Types Of Whiskey Every Man Should Know

Frequently these spellings are treated as interchangeable words. If you are uninformed or just never cared you might not know even that there is a difference between them. You dopey bastard. Don’t be ashamed though. They were even spelled the same way in the New York Times until 2008. Everything was just “whiskey.” People went crazy though and on advice of the editor of the Oxford English dictiona …