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Clever Cooking Gadgets We Love

For the guy who likes to cook, scoring a cool new kitchen or grilling instrument is on par with unboxing the latest smartphone (minus any fear of it becoming obsolete in three months). So just consider this gallery a healthy serving of food gadget porn. Enjoy.


10 Crazy Good Burger Toppings

If your burger with ketchup and mayo routine is getting stale, so are you. Try these wild ideas and you’ll impress everyone at the cookout way more than that guy with the foreign sports car—and tantalize their taste buds, too.


The 10 Tastiest Canned Craft Beers

A decade ago, canning craft beer was a rebellious thought, but now even the heavy hitters have recognized the benefits. So get a load of these palatable, portable brews. Your tailgate mates will thank you.


LA’s Best Secret Restaurants

Roughly 80 years ago, a fellow named Lawrence Frank opened an unlicensed restaurant in his Beverly Hills home. Now off-the-grid supper clubs are hotter than ever. And if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, we recommend seeking out one of these…


A Recipe for Sweet, Sweet Love

There’s no denying it: food and sex go hand in hand. Which means if you want to get a woman in the mood, you’d be wise to use food as your wingman. An expert chef—who happens to be one of our 15 hottest food personalities—explains how.


7 Great Pumpkin Beers

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are turning and pumpkins are appearing at grocery stores and farmer’s markets. But that’s not the only place you’ll find ’em—they also show up in brews along the shelves of bottle shops and on the tap handles at taverns.


The Perfect Labor Day Cocktail

This tasty end-of-summer beverage comes to us from renowned Cocktail Chef Matthew Biancaniello, whose fresh, original creations emerge from seasonal ingredients and unlikely pairings.


The 4 Cheapest Drinks At Every Bar

Bar hopping can be a costly activity, especially for heavy drinkers. The good news for cheap drunks is, adjusting your drinking habits can save you a ton of cash. Or afford you twice as much booze. Instead of throwing back top-shelf spirits or imported signature beers, try one of the 4 cheapest drinks at every bar to have big-time fun on a small-time budget. Draft beer - Draft beer is a great …


How To Make The Perfect Burger

  It's summer and what's the best possible way to celebrate freedom? Beer and burgers of course! Gather a bunch of friends and family and take out your grill if you haven't in a long time, and start flipping those juicy patties and whet your appetite. Follow this recipe and enjoy the best possible burger that you can make within the comfort of your home. The right mea …


How To Order In A Beer Bar And Sound Like A Beer Connoiseur

No one likes to seem like they're out of their element. You know that feeling–you're in a wold with which you're not familiar, surrounded by people who know what they're doing. You don't want to seem like a fool, but hey, you don't want to sit idle for eternity, either. Sometimes, you have to fake it till you make it, even if your knowledge on the subject isn't wh …