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10 New Beers for the New Year

It’s late January, and if you’ve whiffed on any of your resolutions, we have another one that’ll provide barrels of sweet consolation. Resolve to try new brews! Start with this carefully curated lineup, and 2013 will suddenly start to feel pretty good.


5 Super Fast Super Bowl Party Foods

Got a lot of friends coming over and not a lot of time? No worries. Our expert-made lineup of winning dishes includes options you can whip up in as little as 10 minutes. Or about eight minutes less than it takes Tom Brady/Eli Manning to live/crush your dreams...


The 10 Weirdest Flavored Beers

Are you a daring drinker? It's hard to say until you sit down with a pint of beer made from maple bacon, key lime or, ahem, Rocky Mountain Oysters. Take a look at the 10 weirdest flavored beers.


7 Cheap Restaurants In Miami That Sell More Than Cuban Food

Cheap eats in Miami don't have to involve Cuban food. If you've been in Miami long, you're probably sick of that garbage. Here you'll find an excellent assortment of dirt cheap Miami restaurants for any type of palate. Most of them are known not only for being cheap, but also for being good. Tasty Choices Cafe This downtown Miami coffee shop has some mighty fine wraps for less than six dolla …


The 5 Best Date Foods You Can Order

Dating can be a tricky proposition. A first date is essentially a job interview, only you might end up naked at the end of it. And on subsequent dates, you're still navigating a potential mine field when it comes to food. We all have to eat, but obviously some foods are more date-appropriate than others. For instance–Garlic Baked Fish? Probably not so good if some sweet lovin' is planned for later …


6 Ways To Pace Yourself At An Open Bar

  It's promising to be a wild night. The party just got started, and the bar is going to be open all night long, which means free all-night drinking. You've had a long day or week, and you want to tie one on. Majorly. But here's the gotcha: you don't want to get sick. A hangover is a definite no-no because you've got to go to work tomorrow fresh as the morning dew. Relax-here are six tips …