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How To Cook A Meal Like Mario Batali

When you're ready to take Italian food to the next level, you can learn how to cook a meal like Mario Batali. While you may not want to go so far as to wear shorts and put your hair in a ponytail like the great chef is known for, there are some basic elements to his cooking that have gotten him to where he is today. Luckily for you, chefs have become celebrities in our culture. Where visiting …


6 Cool Flasks That Will Let You Drink Covertly

Are you a trend hunter seeking cool flasks to covertly hide that favorite beverage drink? This is going to be a refreshing treat. On a fluke, the research began and then surfaced. Which displays some outstanding flasks to satisfy the low-key drinker in you. Some appeal to men and others to women, these creative flasks are uniquely designed to take the focus away from witnesses of a …


8 Frozen Cocktails You Can Make At Home

The great things about frozen cocktails: they cool you off, they heat the party up, and chicks love ‘em! Why go to trendy novelty bars and pay five times more when home made drinks look just as fancy and are a cinch to make? Try one of these eight frozen cocktails that you can make at home to impress the ladies and get your party going! Pina Colada. These are a safe bet because Pina Colad …