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Memphis in May Puts on the Ribs

Ribs are extraordinarily popular (who doesn’t love ’em?), so this division of Memphis in May tends to draw the most contestants, including a whopping 122 teams in 2013. And so as we wrap up Grill Spectacular, enjoy one last taste of the action…


Memphis in May Goes Whole Hog

It takes a full 24 hours to cook a whole hog, and Memphis pros say the key is to cook the pig slowly over low heat, keep it moist by injecting apple juice and other liquids and retain as much of the fat as possible. See and learn more in our on-site roundup…


Memphis in May Does Pork Shoulder Right

One of the most prestigious categories at the competition, the pork shoulder division drew 55 teams this year, including the eventual grand champion. Meet some top contenders—and get some handy BBQ tips—in this exclusive photo gallery.


BBQ Heaven? Scenes from Memphis in May

The “Super Bowl of Swine” is the largest pork barbecue contest in the world, drawing more than 250 teams to compete for $110,000 in cash, prizes and bragging rights. And even cruddy weather can’t prevent one big, ridiculous, meat-filled party…


Eats: JR’s Barbeque

Meet the friendly purveyors of California’s only original, authentic Memphis-style BBQ. That means dry rub pork ribs and pulled pork, smoked 15 hours for supreme tenderness and flavor. Did we mention that it’s made and served with love?


The Top 5 Australian BBQ Techniques

World-renowned chef, Top Chef Masters host and Melbourne native Curtis Stone knows a thing or two about outdoor cooking. The author of the new book What’s for Dinner? Delicious Recipes for a Busy Life drops some knowledge...


A BBQ Sundae, the Huckberry Way

Ever had a BBQ Sundae? No? It’s just like an ice cream sundae, only much, much meatier. Here, our guest columnist dishes his method for creating this mad, mind-blowing carnivorous treat. You’ll never look at sundaes the same way again.


Souvlaki Fit for a Greek God

Looking for an awesome grilled treat that’s easy to make, healthy, delicious and sorta ethnic? Here it is! The “Mama” of NYC’s MamaGyro Greek restaurants explains how to whip up chicken souvlaki so good, it’ll make an Athenian bow down…


Win Meat from Steakhouse Elite!

We’ve covered grills and grilling tools and grilling advice in our Grill Spectacular package, but one thing’s still missing: the actual meat! Win a grill party prize pack from Steakhouse Elite! Here's how.


Eats: Bigmista’s Barbecue Catering

Meet Neil and Phyllis Strawder, the happy couple behind Southern California’s tastiest “mobile barbecue establishment.” At farmers’ markets and celebrations of all kinds, they serve up a combo of top-notch ’cue and nonstop laughs that can’t be beat.


3 Meat Diets You Can Eat Like A Caveman

Losing weight is so easy a caveman can do it. At least, that's the premise behind choosing from three meat diets you can eat like a caveman. If primitive humans could survive on meat-based diets, why not their modern descendants? The thought of these sort of diets makes a modern vegetarian or vegan recoil in horror. If you are a meat-and-potatoes type of person, however, any of these three meat di …


A Steak Your Mother Will Love

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and you’ve just gotta do something special for the woman who brought you into this world. This year, why not keep it simple? Spend a little time with Mom and grill her a fantastic filet. Our expert shows you how...


Eats: Smoke City Market

Let owner Michael Gans take you through his authentic Texas BBQ oasis. How authentic? Dry rub, no sauce, smoked over white oak for hours, no forks or plates needed. And you’ve gotta see their “Are You Texas Enough” Challenge to believe it…


Bobby Flay Takes It Low and Slow

For almost two decades now, this city boy’s been teaching us how to cook like men. As his new BBQ bible rolls out, we ask about outdoor cooking’s appeal, grilling gaffes and crowd-pleasing cuts. C’mon, you really gonna argue with an Iron Chef?


The Hottest Grills Money Can Buy

A smart upgrade in range equipment can inject new life into your relationship with barbecued meat and make you feel like you’re grilling for the first time again. Ready to rediscover your passion? Check these strikingly one-of-a-kind options out.


Eats: Bludso’s Bar-B-Cue/Bar & Cue

Like Texas-style BBQ? Let Kevin Bludso show you his Compton grilled meat outpost, home of brisket smoked 15 hours for ultra-tenderness. Then meet it’s younger, boozier West Hollywood brother. You won’t go hungry—or thirsty.


11 Killer Kentucky Cocktails

The Kentucky Derby may be finito, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the region's many fine bourbons. Check them out (and choose a favorite) in 11 Killer Kentucky Cocktails.