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Cooking With Booze: Beer-Braised Brisket

Beer and meat were made for each other. Usually, the two usually don’t meet up until they reach mouth or stomach, but this beer-braised brisket makes the introduction sooner: In the oven, or in our case, the Big Green Egg (which doubles as an outdoor oven). Because it cooks all day, it’s a perfect project for a cold Sunday at home; it'll keep the kitchen toasty and make the house smell like carniv …


How (and How Not) to Deep Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s the greatest artery-clogging hit since turducken, but just because you can flip a burger doesn’t mean you can easily deep-fry a turkey. Made Man’s experts serve up plenty of advice to keep your Thanksgiving delicious rather than deadly.


Friday Drink Special: Pumpkin-Spiced Bourbon Soda

Full disclosure: This pumpkin-spice cocktail doesn’t have any pumpkin in it. But neither do most “pumpkin spice” items that are everywhere around Thanksgiving. Still, it’s full of the wonderful flavors that make those seasonal treats — including pumpkin pie — taste and smell so good: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. It also has bourbon. As with Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want …


Eats: AKASHA, Comfort Food for Carnivores

AKASHA fea­tures New American cui­sine with big fla­vors and sustain­able ingre­di­ents, for car­ni­vores and her­bi­vores alike. To find out more about AKASHA visit   This video about healthy living is part of Made Man's celebration as proud partners of Movember. For more programming and events, check out Mo Central at


Cooking With Booze: Beer-Can Thanksgiving Turkey

When it comes time to stuff the turkey this year, there’s only way to go: beer. Beer-can chicken is an undisputably manly dish, and a staple at our dinner table in the summertime. You shove a can full of beer up inside a whole animal and let it cook to perfection on the grill — the skin gets brown and crispy and the inside stays juicy and amazingly flavorful. After an hour or so, you have a bea …


Friday Drink Special: The Rob Ford

Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor under fire for an ever-growing list of shenanigans — including smoking crack, sexual harassment, and public drunkenness — could probably use a drink right about now. I mean, anything to make him shut up about his sex life, eh? But Rob’s probably pretty well covered in the booze department. So, this Canadian-themed cocktail is for us and our neighbors to the north — w …


Eats: Real Food Daily, Making an Impact

Antithetical to the dreary perceived notion of a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, Real Food Daily's décor of blond wood, clean lines, cozy counter space and eclectic art perfectly complements the innovative style of chef Ann Gentry's gourmet whole food. To find out more about Real Food Daily visit   This video about healthy living is part of Made Man's celebration as proud …


Cooking with Booze: Beer, Cheese and Bacon Soup

Now that it’s getting cold out, we’re warming up with a big pot full of our favorite things: beer, cheese, and bacon. It’s a soup that’s easy to make, but easy to mess up if you don’t use quality ingredients. We always use Boulevard Brewery’s Pale Ale. It’s our hometown brewery’s flagship beer, and still one of its most popular. Since Boulevard recently announced a partnership with Duvel-Moortg …


Friday Drink Special: Health Care Hot Toddy

If your health plan has been canceled, or the idea of navigating is making you sick, I recommend self-medicating with a hot toddy. Made with tea, honey, lemon, and whiskey, this age-old tonic was originally thought to help relieve the symptoms of a cold. While modern medical professionals may advise against healing with hooch, it always makes me feel better (at least temporarily). E …


Eats: M Café, Ying and Yang Energy

M Café introduces Contemporary Macrobiotic Cuisine — featuring balanced, nutritious, creative cooking which can be enjoyed daily by everyone, not just vegetarians or people with dietary restrictions. To find out more about M Café visit   This video about healthy living is part of Made Man's celebration as proud partners of Movember. For more programming and events, che …


Friday Drink Special: The Boston Flip

It was hard to tear my eyes away from the TV on Wednesday as the Red Sox clinched the World Series. To celebrate, I adapted a classic cocktail, the Boston Flip. And by “adapted,” I mean “doubled.” Because you can’t really party with only two ounces of booze, you know? I like to imagine Boston fans sipping this old-timey drink in 1918 — the last time the Red Sox won the world series at Fenway Pa …


Eats: Alma, Creativity and Sustainability

Chef Ari Taymor's Alma serves seasonal, chef-driven cuisine with natural, biodynamic wines, beers and ciders in downtown Los Angeles. To find out more about Alma visit For more of our Movember-inspired programming and events, check out