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16 Keys to Tailgate Greatness

Hosting a tailgate party? From scheduling and supplies to apps, beer and burgers, a hit gastro-pub’s star chef reveals all you need to know to turn your guests into super fans...


So What Is Reposado and How Do You Drink It

Just like wine, tequila can be aged in a wood barrel and reposado refers to the amount of time the tequila has spent in the barrel. For reposado tequila, this is a minimum of two months up to almost a year. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant grown in the blue volcanic soil surrounding the area of Tequila, Mexico and its production is regulated by the Mexican government. The two official …


He Won a Year of Steak

You know what happens when you enter a contest? Every once in a while, you win!


The Ultimate Paleo Shopping List

Eating like a caveman can be more delicious than it sounds. Here are the foods Paleo experts are putting on their plates.


A Devilishly Dark Take on Tequila

So you’re a tequila fan, but you’re looking for something a little different? A fresh approach that features everything you love about agave-based spirits while still bringing something new and fun to the table? Relax, amigo, we have found it. And its name is Cabo Diablo.