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Michael Psilakis, God of Greek Cuisine

Specializing in the food he grew up with, this star chef cooked up three New York restaurants and a book, How To Roast a Lamb. We asked him about TV, tailgating and what we need to know about Greek eats.


Eats: The Bazaar Experience

Chef de Cuisine Joshua Whigham deconstructs LA’s unique Bazaar by José Andrés, where treading the line between modern and traditional produces progressive takes on everything from olives to Philly cheesesteak. (Yes, that’s what’s pictured here).


7 Fantastic Fall Brews

You can always tell when summer is becoming fall: leaves turning, footballs flying and fresh new seasonal brews hitting shelves. Do it right with the following proven winners.


25 Best Food Instagram Accounts

Keep up on the ultimate in food porn by following the chefs, journalists and hungry amateurs behind these droolworthy feeds.


The Perfect Fall Cocktail?

Fall is here. Time to button up for colder weather and insulate yourself against the elements with a beverage that warms you from the inside out. And we found just the thing...


10 Foods That Taste Way Better With Bacon

“Bacon has achieved celebrity status over the last decade, finding its way on to just about every dish,” says Grant Irvin, chef de cuisine at Austin’s Driskill Hotel. Witness these shining, delicious examples…


Michael Cimarusti’s Tasty Traditions

Providence and Connie & Ted’s chef/owner Michael Cimarusti’s love of cooking can be traced back to his childhood roots. We asked the 2013 James Beard Award nominee about food, family and the future.


Chef Ray Garcia: From FBI to FIG

You’d never guess from the incredible dishes he turns out at FIG, but Chef Ray Garcia once had his sights set on a career with the FBI. We caught up with him at The Taste to ask about sustainable practices, comfort food and what any guy can make for a date…


Friday Drink Special: The Update

This week's custom cocktail: The Update, inspired by the new iPhone. Toast Apple's new operating system by pouring a few of these into yours.


Eats: Red Medicine, Curing Hunger

Chef Jordan Kahn takes us through his LA restaurant, which seeks to satisfy appetites with natural ingredients (think roots, herbs and plants). Also covered: biodynamic farming, anthocyanins and beef brisket like you’ve never seen it before.


America’s 10 Tastiest Pies

Urban Dictionary defines “pie in the sky” as a reward one receives upon death. Can’t wait that long? Get your fix ahead of time with these mouth-watering options from across the country. You’ll thank us later, even if your waistline does not.


Dale Talde Goes Hard, Stays Hungry

This Top Chef alum now runs his own show with two Brooklyn eateries and ambitiously delicious menu items like Crispy Oyster and Bacon Pad Thai. We caught up with him to discuss fast food, coffee and success.


The 10 Best Tailgate Food and Drink Pairings

To make your fall weekends even more flavorful, we’ve corralled several experts to sort out superior pairings, along with helpful tips for taking the dishes up a notch.


Eats: PERCH, a Rooftop Paradise

Executive Chef Justin Albertson takes us through a high-flying LA bistro that makes you feel as though you are floating at the skyline. A playful menu inspired by French culinary classics and using the freshest season ingredients just adds to the charm…


Nate Anda’s Charcuterie Confidential

The Red Apron Butchery star has carved out a reputation as a modern-day master of an old-world craft. So, straight from the meat man’s mouth, here are six surprising facts about his life’s work.


Ari Taymor, Zen Master Chef

This 27-year-old superstar chef keeps his head humbly on his shoulders, practicing being present while creating amazing dishes that tell a story. We caught up with him to learn the secrets to his success... and the one food every tailgate party needs.


This Tequila Will Rock You

Every spirit has a story. And when it comes to Cabo Wabo Tequila, fittingly enough, that story has real spirit. You see, while some adult beverages are the product of profit-seeking fat cats, others emerge from high-volume passion. A passion that’s genuine, powerful and, frankly, pretty kickass.


Friday Drink Special: The Old Cuban

Every Friday, our cocktail columnist creates a custom drink inspired by the week's pop-cultural happenings. This week: A hearty mojito worthy of the Rat Pack and an aquatic superstar.


Eats: Picca Peruvian Cantina

Like Peruvian cuisine with some Japanese influence? You will after stepping inside Ricardo Zarate’s award-winning LA eatery. From pan-fried oysters to BBQ’ed beef heart, its 60-plus dishes are a testament to his passion for innovation and flavor…


How to Craft the Ultimate Sandwich

With more than a dozen ingredients, the Dagwood is the perfect sammy to work your way through whilst watching a legendary Murray or Nadal five-setter. Here's all you need to make it yourself.


Your NFL Team, Your Beer

Football. And beer. It’s a match made in red-blooded American heaven. Toss in some brats and nachos and, well, it doesn’t get much better, does it? So we’ve paired every team with a brew befitting its spirit, history, city, players and/or fans. Bottoms up!


Drink Special: The Twerk

A weekly cocktail column inspired by pop-cultural events. First up, the Twerk: a coffee-and-vodka drink inspired by Miley Cyrus.


Host an Awesome Tailgate Party

Well, it’s officially football season, which means it’s time to pull your Chris Berman earplugs out of storage. More importantly: it’s tailgate time. A hit gastro-pub’s star chef reveals all you need to know to turn your guests into super fans...