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The 6 Best Smoky Beers

Nothing screams wintertime more than warm fire in the hearth—or one of these pleasantly smoked ales in your belly.


Friday Drink Special: The Bronco Buzz

As mentioned in this week’s Cooking with Booze, now that we know who’s going to the Super Bowl, we can turn our attention to more important things, like what to eat and drink while we watch it. If you’re cheering for the Denver Broncos, I suggest you make yourself a Bronco Buzz or two. This cocktail was inspired by the Colorado Bulldog — a drink made with vodka, coffee liqueur, cream or milk, and …


A Drink in the Life of a Stella Artois Chalice

Over the past week, the Sundance Film Festival has been delighting movie buffs with its usual blend of originality and brilliance. Made Man was fortunate to attend as a guest of Stella Artois—on the occasion of the nationwide launch of Stella Artois Cidre—and we did a little filmmaking of our own. Having packed a GoPro Hero3 to shoot snowboard footage, we decided to set it loose at Stella’s event …


Cooking With Booze: Super Bowl Beer Brats

Now that we know who’s going to the Super Bowl we can start thinking about more important things — namely, what to eat and drink while we watch it. And when we think Super Bowl fare, two things come immediately to mind: Brats and beer. This easy recipe for Super Bowl Beer Brats combines the two, and gives you an excuse to fire up the grill in February. Beer brats are the perfect tailgating food — …


Friday Drink Special: The Oscar Buzz

Everyone is talking about the Oscars — who got nominated, who got snubbed (How could they overlook Inside Llewyn Davis/James Gandolfini/Robert Redford?), and what movie you should have seen while it was still in theaters (Gravity in 3D, duh!). Tom Hanks isn't the only one who needs a drink. This week’s cocktail, The Oscar Buzz, is a bastardized version of an old classic, The Tuxedo. A gin-based c …


Cooking With Booze (and Fire!): Bananas Foster

This recipe will probably get you laid. And if it doesn’t, you still get to play with fire and eat a delicious dessert. So, a textbook win-win. Bananas Foster has been around a while. Cooks all over the world have added their twists and culinary elevations, but at our house we do it the traditional way. There are four ingredients plus ice cream and a couple of toppings, if you so desire. It takes …


Cooking With Booze: Beer-Braised Short Ribs

  When it gets this cold, we reach for darker, roastier, boozier beers to sip by the fireplace. One of the best options in that category is the Brother Thelonious Abbey Ale from North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, CA. Just like the jazz musician for which it was named, it’s traditional and forward-thinking all at once — a Belgian strong dark ale with hints of fruit and caramel sweetne …