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10 Places I Am Definitely Not Getting My Hair Cut

I think this exemplifies "It is better to be good at a lot of things that to be the best at one" I bet they cook a mean pizza but I'm going to pass on the haircut I guess it all depends on the definition of Wak. I am thinking it could be a good time if it's a "happy ending" type wak but I am afraid it could be the Sweeney Todd/Sopranos type. In that case I may Yak as well. As a suburba …


A Lifetime of Embarrassment: The Worlds Stupidest Tattoos

I have never been a huge fan of tats. It's not that I have anything against them, it's just I could never find anything that I thought I could have on my body forever that would compliment who I am. I would LOVE to talk to these people in 30 years and see if they're still happy with their decision. My guess is no. Why? Because these are the STUPIDEST choices for tattoos. This is the famous …