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Win a Tennis Balls T-Shirt

The U.S. Open Tennis Championships debuts today, and K-Swiss is getting in the spirit with a cheeky new shirt that injects the sport with a healthy dose of innuendo. We're giving away five of them this week. Want one? Here's how to win: In the comment section below, give us one other clever sports innuendo. The more creative, the better. Submit yours by September 1 at 12pm EST. The five readers …


How To Make Slime

Making slime can be a fun exercise for both children and adults. Making slime can also prove to be a fun way to educate children about working together to complete a project. Here is a brief description on how to make slime. To make slime you will need: Borax powder Water White school glue A tablespoon Two bowls Re-sealable storage bags (optional) Tempera paint (optional) Smal …


DKNY Bedford Cord Blazer

Donna Karan’s DKNY line puts high fashion in reach of just about any man with a job, and the Bedford Cord Blazer ($99) is a classic piece you can wear anytime. Dress it down with jeans and a T-shirt, dress it up with a button-down and tie or, as we move into fall, drop a light sweater or thermal underneath. You’ll be equally comfortable and stylish at the office, meeting your new sweetheart’s pare …


Video: How to Shave Your Own Head

If you're looking for a classic, low-maintenance cut without ever setting foot in a barbershop, look no further than the self-administered head shave. Particularly suitable for men whose hairlines are heading south (or for men who just want to look badass) the shaved head is easy to do yourself and will leave your dome feeling cool, refreshed and worry-free. This week on For the Win, we show you h …


adidas SLVR Beach Moc

Summer might be winding down, but you can bring a bit of it into fall with the adidas SLVR Beach Moc. Despite the name, this brand-new sneaker, available in royal blue ($180) and black ($170), is intended for the fall and winter months. Thanks to the pigskin upper and detailed stitching, the Beach Moc has a nautical feel, like an upscale sneaker version of a boat shoe. Contrast eyelets and a leath …


Great Moments in Men’s Hair

In the past 48 hours, a cutting court case, Steven Tyler's feather-infused locks and Lady Gaga sans tresses have all bum-rushed the news. With hair so clearly on the brain, a brief history—followed by some tips—is in order


Why Do Dogs Lick People?

Ask yourself why do dogs lick people and the answers can be plenty. Long term dog owners can agree that a dog licks people to show appreciation and love. But what are the other reasons as to why dogs do lick people? You would be surprised. Dogs are true detectives to various scents and tastes by lick alone. Water in the eyes of a dog can become a visual temptation, a quick drink, or a liquid ma …


Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Though it pulls a disappearing act at the end of every day, the sun is still waiting to blind you each and every tomorrow so do your eyes a favor and give these aviator sunglasses for men a try. Besides the protection from too-bright days these specs provide there's also the added benefit of being able to hide tired, bloodshot or hungover eyes from the world—and do it in style. So, until …


Video: How to Maintain Your Scruff

Want that "just don't care" look without the hassle of just not caring? Need to look well-groomed while still maintaining a certain stubble-enhanced edge? There is a way, and on this week's episode of For the Win, we got two of LA's best barbers, Vinnie and Trent of The Proper Barbershop in West Hollywood, to show you how.


Tom Selleck, By the Follicles: A Facial Hair Timeline

Made Man is a proud partner of Movember. Grow a mo with movember. Tom Selleck is one of America’s finest moustachioed actors, if not the finest. But he isn’t always moustachioed, on screen or in real life. With Movember upon us, there’s no better moment to traipse through a timeline of the facial hair stylings rocked by the once Magnum PI and current Jesse Stone (see clips on Actio …