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Alpinestars Lucerne Drystar Moto Jacket

If you’re looking to ride regardless of weather, look no further than this all-conditions option. Style, comfort and safety meet in one slick-looking, affordable piece. Click the pic for more.


Sweet Shades for a Worthy Cause

The TOMS eyewear One For One program saves or restores the sight of one person who desperately needs it for every pair of TOMS sold.


10 Great Men Whose Style We’ll Miss

We lost some pretty epic men this year. Men who were not only titans in their respective fields but who also had style to spare. Here are 10 legends who left us in 2011, along with what we can learn from the unique, iconic way each one carried himself.


Indochino Suits

Buying a sharp-looking suit online sounds crazy, right? And yet Indochino’s made-to-measure duds offer an unbeatable combination of fit, style and value. Click the pic for more.


6 Hipster Styles No Man Should Be Caught Dead In

Hipsters are a rare breed and hipster styles are even more rarer-er (it’s a new word you’ve probably never heard of). But amid all the irony and fake eyewear there are occasionally really cool fashions men should wear. Unfortunately, there are many more men should not. Tights Look down. Do you have a set of balls? If the answer is yes then you should never ever wear a pair of tights in publi …


What a Hot Barber Thinks of Your Haircut

Model, fixie bike enthusiast, scissors-wielding babe. Baxter Finley’s Lauren Jae Nichols is all of these things, and she has strong opinions on how men choose to chop their locks. If you’d like a woman like her to be more than your barber, take notes.


adidas adiZero Rose 2 “Windy City”

Who doesn’t love a fly pair of sneakers? The best ones never really go out of style, and that includes Derrick Rose’s newest signature kicks. Click the pic for more.