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Video: How to Wax and Shave (Your Chest)

A lot of men out there are turning to chest-hair grooming. It's not for everyone, and we're not necessarily saying you should go for it, but in case you feel compelled to rock the bare-chested look, we've got you covered. This week on For the Win, host Mike Capes walks you through the ins and outs of shaving and waxing your chest. Don't try to do both at the same time, though. It can only end badl …


Video: How to Cozy Up the Man Cave

So a lovely lady is coming over to your place. Hoping to get lucky? Well then, you'd better spruce up your man cave, because how you live says a lot about who you are. This week on For the Win, we show you 10 effective ways to make your pad presentable... and maybe, just maybe, keep that girl around for a while.


Win a Silver Jeans Co. Outfit

Need a wardrobe update to take you into Fall? Start right here, where we're giving away a complete outfit (pictured below) to one reader, courtesy of Silver Jeans Co. Here's how to win: In the comment section below (or in an email response to, describe your favorite clothing item in a few sentences or less. Is it a faded army jacket your dad handed down to you? Or mayb …


Barbour Steve McQueen Collection Enduro Jacket

The Barbour Steve McQueen Collection Enduro jacket won’t come cheap. At $1,200, it’s more than a moped, less than a motorbike. Still, when you put it on, you’ll know where your money went—it's as stylish as the man whose name it bears. (Don't know who the hell we're talking about? Here's a modern tribute to the King of Cool.) The slim-fitting piece features a buckle neck strap, two pleated pockets …


Video: How to Break in Your Jeans

Breaking in a pair of jeans can be a long process. Fortunately, there are shortcuts. This week on For the Win, we show you how to get that worn-in feel on a brand new pair of jeans the same day you buy them. All it takes is a quick wash, a few touch-ups and a couple minutes of stretching. Oh, and you may need a power sander. Yeah, we're pretty serious about our denim.


The 2011 Nike Mag: Yes, They’re Real

The world let out a collective gasp yesterday when Nike announced that the Nike Mag—the futuristic, self-lacing sneakers famously worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future, Part II—has indeed been produced and is now available on eBay. Feel that tingling sensation in your spine? That's your inner child and your inner eighties-fanboy scrambling to break free and get their hands on a pair of those s …


Monsters of Grok T-shirts

It’s hard to show the world you’re learned and erudite when you’re a T-shirt-and-jeans guy. Fortunately, this new T-shirt line ($16 to $23) cleverly pairs rock band logos with the greatest thinkers of all time. Whether you’re into the elegant mathematics of Pascal (done in the style of Poison), the natural philosophy of Darwin (Danzig) or the weird science of Carl Sagan (Slayer), Monsters of Grok …


DL1961 Jeans

If you’re looking for jeans that provide a dressier feel, look no further than DL1961. Designer jeans? Guilty. But these aren’t skinny-legged monstrosities popular with the ironic-beard-and-beer set. DL1961s ($168 to $178) are classic-looking pants in a variety of washes, rises and styles. Best of all, they come in waist sizes ranging from 29” to 40”, allowing them to fit men of any girth (or lack …