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Nike Basketball Elite Series

The NBA playoffs tipped off Saturday, and Nike rolled out three updated signature hoops shoes that take both your game and your style to the next level... CONTINUED


5 Tips For How To Dress For Sex

The first thing guys should know about dressing for sex is not to make it obvious. Subtle is sexy. A T-shirt that says, “I want to sleep with you” is not. All clothing items should fit comfortably but not sleazily tight. You may also want to opt for things that are easy to get on and off, keeping belts, buckles and laces to a minimum. Once you have the basics down, it’s time to go into further det …


This Style Guide Saves You $2,000

What’s the difference between the spring sweater on the left and the one on the right? Besides a few buttons and pocket placement, about a hundred bucks. And our style expert’s got 10 more ways to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Take notes.


FRIGO No. 1 Underwear

Could a pair of boxer briefs possibly be worth $100? When Swedish scientists and a company called RevolutionWear are involved, anything can happen... CONTINUED


Dosh Aero Wallet

Designed with the global citizen in mind and made with hardy, recycled materials, this back pocket companion is a slick successor to the classic leather bi-fold. CONTINUED


7 Apartment Hunting Tips Every New Renter Should Know

Apartments come and go, but as a new renter, what should you know? Location is just the tip of the iceberg. There's more to seeking a great deal than meets the eye when viewing a new rental property ad. With these seven apartment hunting tips you can save money, time, future frustration and yourself from signing a lemon lease. Location! Location! Location! Visit your target property at least tw …


Oakley Cipher Golf Shoe

Oakley introduces the lightest golf shoes money can buy, featuring a unique approach to cleats: they don't have any. The secret lies in Oakley's NanoSpike technology... CONTINUED