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Office-Friendly Messenger Bags

For the pedal-pushing couriers and commuters of the world, the body-encircling messenger bag is a badge of distinction. The rest of us require something a little less aggro for everyday gear transport. Check out these work-appropriate options... CONTINUED


Bruce Lee Kicked Fashion’s Ass

You know him as a martial artist and a film star. What you may not know about Bruce Lee is that the man was a style icon who sported the choicest threads of his day. He even made leisure suits look good. Not that anyone would tell him otherwise.


First Date Grooming and Style, Dialed

We men are very visual, but don’t think the ladies aren’t checking your look out, too. And your great sense of humor and personality mean nothing if she can’t get past how you’re put together. Our expert image consultant reveals some critical dos and don’ts.


The Coolest New Sneakers of 2012

The sneaker game is an ever-changing beast. Looking to jump on the latest trends? Then turn your attention to the sweetest new kicks to hit the market this year... CONTINUED


How To Trim Your Pubes And Not Look Like A Shaved Pig

Learning how to trim your pubes and not look like a shaved pig can greatly enhance your love life. Women have been shaving their groin areas (trimming and going totally bare) for years now, and men are finally starting to catch up. You most likely want to trim your pubes to please your partner. However, if you can achieve this task without looking like a shaved pig, you'll likely realize that a li …


8 Beard Styles Women Will Love And Lesser Men Will Envy

 Facial hair can be quite mysterious. When you grow a beard, you will likely get second looks from women and raised eyebrows from men. Women may wonder what you look like underneath all that hair. Men may take a look at the sharpness and the depth of your beard and wonder if they are capable of growing one that is equally impressive. A full beard takes a lot of work— and some luck. You need to hav …