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The Top 10 Male Celeb Clothing Lines

You’ve watched them do a variety of things—perform sports feats, drop beats, put butts in seats. But there’s one thing that unites the guys on this list: they’ve all got fashion sense. Here’s what we think of the styles they’re pushing. And where to get it, of course.


5 Ways To Fix A Bad Haircut

The best thing about hair is that it grows back, which is a particularly useful trait when you’re slammed with a bad haircut. Although getting a bad haircut may make you feel like your life is over—or at least like your love life will end up at a standstill—all is not lost. You can hide the thing, try to fix the thing, or turn the bad haircut into a prime opportunity to have a little fun. …


The 6 Best Face Washes For Men

Your face is generally the first thing people notice about you. And by "people", you know we mean "women". Given your face's prominent role in attracting the opposite sex, it makes sense that you'd want it to be in tip-top condition, right? Back in the day, men never worried about facial cleansers, but today's man is a different breed, and we know about the benefits of properly cleansing our faces …


8 Reason’s Why A Tailor Should Be A Man’s Best Friend

Move over Fido, it’s high time for the tailor to be a man’s new best friend. While the honor has long gone to the dog, a tailor can be just as much as a chick magnet and even more helpful when it comes to looking good in whatever you wear. His needle and thread can work magic for your image, and keep you and your belongings safe, to boot. Here are eight reasons why a tailor should be your new best …


Deron Williams Talks All-Star Style

The Nets’ ace point guard has game. Witness the 38 points D-Will dropped on the Knicks to temporarily stop the Linsanity Monday night. Same deal off the court, as we learned when we asked him about suits, beards and how to stand out on your own terms...


How To Make A Cheap Suit Look Like A Million Bucks

Maybe it's for a job interview, an important business meeting or because you just want to look good. You have made a decision to put on the one suit you own and dress to impress. But you don't own an expensive suit; the one you bought two years ago came cheap. Those circumstances don't change your goal. You want to look good and you want your cheap suit to look like a million bucks. You can do tha …


7 Hats Men Should Never Wear

Hats are frequently a nice fashion complement to outfits for both genders, but there are hats men should never wear under any circumstances. Guys, if you’re going to wear a hat, choose something normal or even a little dashing—a fedora looks very slick with a couple different ensembles. A cap worn forward or backwards is always fun and bandanas lend a casual and playful look without looking too tr …


Undies Good For Her and the World

So that stripper lingerie you got your girlfriend for Valentine's Day didn't go over so hot? Relax, you can still redeem yourself. The key is to get her something that both you and she enjoy.  And if it happens to benefit others, too, that would score you major bonus points, right? Enter PACT's 2012 Share the Love collection. The all-new line of underwear, socks, and T-shirts features artist-de …


The 5 Manliest Ways To Stay Warm At A Football Game

Getting drunk might seem like the manliest way to stay warm at a football game, but in reality it’s not. There are much manlier and healthier ways to stay cozy that don’t lead to potential dehydration, vomiting and that really bad condition known as “idiot in the stands.”  The manliest ways to stay warm don’t involve booze at all, but rather paying attention to your entire body and ensuring each s …


4 Of The Coolest Pieces Of Team Apparel For Any Football Fan

Whether you're cheering on your favorite gridiron crew in the stands or on the couch, rocking some team gear is a must for any fan. The four coolest pieces of football team apparel will certainly show the world where your loyalty lies. You don't have to be a die hard fan and get your team's logo tattooed across your back, (that would be pretty awesome though) you can just wear the essentials that …


Cushe Surf Slipper Chuka

For the most part, you should avoid hitting the town in a pair of slippers. That is, unless you're wearing these. The Surf Slipper Chuka from Cushe is less a slipper and more a really comfortable boot...CONTINUED


4 Ways You Can Fight Back Against Bacne

Body pimples and blemishes are the scourge of men, but there are ways you can fight back against bacne. You may need to change a few habits, but it can be done. Even if those annoying back pimples have plagued you for all of your adult life, if you follow this list of four ways you can fight back against bacne, you'll come out a winner. Clean sheets are key. How often do you wash your sheets? I …