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4 Great All Around Body Hair Trimmers

Sometimes, men can be a little hairy—sometimes even more than a "little" hairy. In order to look your best, you need to keep your wild and wooly hair growth under control. There's no need for expensive electrolysis when you can use these four great all around body trimmers. Braun Cruzer6 Body Braun is well known in the world of men's grooming, and that's because their products have a track r …


7 Moustaches Men Should Wear

The manliest of men have intimate knowledge about the moustaches men should wear. Upper lip adornments are the pinnacle of machismo, but you can't just start growing hair under your nose with no regard for style, right? You've got to know which moustaches men should wear before you start growing your soup-strainer. There are a lot of choices out there. Lucky for you, this list will point out the b …


8 Celebrity Men With Grey Hair Who Still Look Good

Growing old is a scary process, which has many dramas that you will confront along the way. You gain more weight, your appearance becomes more and more unkempt and your hair turns grey, and eventually begins to fall out. However there are a group of celebrities who have managed to age in a graceful manner and here's a distinctive list of eight celebrity men with grey hair who still look good. They …


Mission Workshop Eiger Field Jacket

Just as comfortable as the ragged old thing you wore sneaking a smoke behind the bleachers in high school, but about 10,000 times more stylish. Click the pic for details.


4 Men’s Lotions Men Should Use

The man of today has to look his best. Years ago, that meant a sharp suit and a nice haircut, but nowadays we men have to go beyond that. We need to take care of our skin, something our forefathers would have said was "for the women." Moisturizers and lotions have long been the domain of the ladies, but it's time for the men to get in on the action. But which men's lotions should you use? Differen …


Win AXE Hair’s Sundance Survival Kit

Know how famous people pretty much always look good? It's not their genes that keep them in the upper echelons of spiffiness. For day-to-day grooming, they rely on stylists like the folks at AXE Hair. Take the Sundance Film Festival, for instance, where Hollywood's best are hanging out this whole week. AXE Hair is there, too, thoroughly prepping those guys (like James Mardsen up there) before they …


adidas adizero Rush

A few ounces can make all the difference between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Introducing a shoe so light it hardly has time for capital letters. Click the pic for more.


Contrast Collars: Suddenly Cool

Forget Gordon Gekko and Bill Lumbergh. Contrast collar shirts now come in a range of colors and patterns that can take your wardrobe up a notch. Really. Our expert reveals several winning options—and how to make them look seriously sharp.


4 Rules To Follow When Trimming Your Eyebrows

Keeping your facial hair in check can be easy with the four rules to follow when trimming your eyebrows. Why on earth would a rugged man like yourself want to groom your eyebrows in the first place? One reason alone should be enough to compel you: scraggly brows can be a real turnoff for the ladies. It makes you look like you don’t give a dang about your appearance—or that a caterpillar has nested …


Helly Hansen Odin Isolator Hooded Jacket

It’s winter. You need something to help keep the cold out, the warm in, and your style strong. Thankfully, there’s this wonderful, Norse god-inspired creation. Click the pic for more.


The Primaries of Style

Mitt Romney just took the New Hampshire primary over Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, but as the Republican race picks up steam, let’s talk about what’s really important: wardrobes. Here’s how the current crop of contenders and also-rans stacks up.


Baller! How to Win the Tie Game

You don’t get a rep for clutch-ness, become the toast of Madison Square Garden and sit next to models at fashion shows without serious style—and a strong grasp of men’s neckwear. Our expert explains how you, like Carmelo, can tie one on with class.


3 Things A Dirty Shower Says To Your Girlfriend

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom before your gal pays a visit or you risk being judged by one of the most unforgiving things on Earth: a dirty shower. And you know she’ll check if it’s dirty. Women have a naturally curiosity when it comes to checking behind the scenes at their boyfriend’s place. What’s hidden in the bathroom can speak volumes. Your medicine cabinet tips her off that you suffer f …


6 Movie Beards You Should Emulate

There are beards, there are movie beards, and then there are movie beards you should emulate. These are the facial follicles that have stood the test of cinematic time, the beards that have risen above the rest and stand on the Mt. Olympus of epic beard-dom. Any of these would make a fine choice to have as your face fur, so don't be afraid to choose more than one style from this list of six movie …


Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

Based on a design originally intended for iron miners—iron miners—these boots might be the toughest things ever crafted in the history of leather. Click the pic for more.


5 Ways Men Can Take Better Care Of Their Feet

Break the myth that all guys’ feet are gross by going for five ways men can take better care of their feet. Don’t worry, fellas, you won’t have to soak your tootsies in a warm bath infused with rose petals—although that feels great. Nor will you have to actually go out in public and get a professional pedicure—although that feels even greater. You can stick to an at-home, in-private routine that o …


8 Ways to Upgrade Your Style

With more than 13 years of experience in the fashion industry, including wardrobe styling, prop styling, fashion merchandising and personal shopping, Lauren Schugar can handle questions on everything from headgear to footwear.


How To Pick A Cologne In 4 Easy Steps

Finding the right scent for yourself can be tricky, but it's actually not hard to pick a cologne. There are obviously a few things you need to know so that you don't end up smelling like old cheese and gym socks, but you can streamline the process with relative ease. You can go from just another guy to "The Smell Good guy" pretty quickly. Take a peek at this handy guide, and you'll have the ladies …