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The Coolest Folding Shades

Folding glasses look good, plain and simple. That's probably why Steven McQueen wore a pair. They also get along really well with most shirt pockets. Here are the best... CONTINUED


The Fullest Windsor: 4 Tie Knots You Have Never Heard Of

Full Windsor, half Windsor, bow tie: you thought you had all the ways to tie a tie down. There are always secrets creeping about in fashion, though. Just when you thought you knew it all about ties, here are four knots you've probably never heard of before. You may find that you like some of these knots better than the classic Windsor, or that one knot better suits your shirt styles than another. …


Beyond Gel: A Guide To Men’s Hair Products

There’s a lot more than stepping out of the shower, drying your hair and slapping a little gel on it. Men may be genetically disposed towards full healthy hair or going bald, but you have to take care of it if you want it to last and stay healthy. There are a number of products you can use to keep your hair looking good and staying in great shape.   Shampoo There are still men out …


6 Of The Coolest Coffee Tables For Every Bachelor Pad

Every bachelor pad needs a coffee table to really tie the room together. Without it, where will you place your cup of coffee, discard your magazines, or rest your weary legs? But of course this table needs to be pretty spectacular otherwise you run the risk of looking like a complete loser. Struggling to find something? Don't worry yourself anymore. Here are six of the coolest coffee tables for ev …


Say Goodbye to the Bad Haircut

Grooming expert and image consultant Richard Maloof has had every style known to man, and he’s been seeing many a misguided coiffure lately. So he’s taking a stand. These small dos and don’ts will make a big difference in the life of your hair.


The 6 Best Online T-shirt Stores

Once upon a time, t-shirts were known by the much less classy name of undershirts. The undershirts, however, have come out from under dress shirts and gone for a little spotlight of their own. If you like to impress your friends or shock your parents with your t-shirt sayings, where do you go? Well, below are six good places to start. Chances are you'll find something at one of these sites that no …


9 Awesome Man Cave Alternatives

Think of the possibilities! From brewery to casino to champagne room, these outside-the-box options will make you the envy of your cave-dwelling friends... CONTINUED


Expressions Realia’s Top Looks

We asked the guys behind top men’s style blog Expressions Realia what they’re wearing this summer. They came back with these four striking ensembles... CONTINUED