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Nike Hyperdunk+

Wouldn’t it be cool if, in a training session or pickup game, you could track how quickly you moved, how high you jumped and how much you hustled? Now you can... CONTINUED


6 Fashions From Mad Men You Shouldn’t Follow

No matter how cool you think, say, Superman is, that doesn’t mean you should parade around town wearing red tights and a cape. The same principle applies to the show “Mad Men”. Yes, we know it’s one of the coolest shows around, but that does not mean you should take fashion tips from the characters, that is unless you take tips on what not to do. You can start with these six fashions from “Mad Men …


Indochino Superhero Collection

Online bespoke shop Indochino introduces a new lineup of hero-inspired suits featuring subtle-but-bold highlights and unique details. Crime-fighting not required... CONTINUED


6 Disguised Beer Fridges That Your Man Cave Is Not Complete Without

It's game time, which means it's beer time, but you promised your special lady that you wouldn't drink today. What's a man to do? Well, excuse yourself to your man cave, because she knows there's no fridge in there, thus no cold beer, right? Wrong! With the properly disguised beer fridges on this list, you can drink in peace while watching some man-stuff. Our covert beer operatives have compiled t …


RaceChairs Office Chairs

With seats plucked directly from real cars and mounted on swivel bases, these are about as close as you'll get to driving a Ferrari through your office... CONTINUED


New Balance RC5000

New Balance introduces a seriously light shoe for the serious runner... CONTINUED


4 Ways To Look Geek Chic And 4 Geek Styles You Should Avoid

A lot of you may not think geek is exactly chic, but the truth is that high fashion magazines and runways are covered with styles inspired by nerds and geeks. To look your best in your geek attire, check out our four ways to look geek chic and four geek styles you should keep locked away in the closet. Do wear corduroy pants. Corduroy pants have been a signature look for nerds for decades. They …


How To Shave Private Areas Without Castrating Yourself

Shaving your private area is often referred to as "manscaping". This might seem like it would be difficult to do without castrating yourself, but if you're careful and use the right techniques, your entire groin area will be smooth in no time. Before you take the plunge and go for bare, make sure you consult with the woman in your life. Some women have very specific preferences on what their man l …