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Razor Tales: Bolt Barbers

In our fourth and final episode, we explore LA’s Bolt Barbers. Whether you’re playing shuffleboard, jamming out to the jukebox or getting a shoeshine, you’ll love the ultimate guys’ barbershop. As founder Mohawk Matt says, “If you don’t like it, go to a salon.”


Support Movember, Eat an Onion

When we released a video of Nick Offerman explaining Movember, we hoped it would encourage men to participate. But we didn't expect our newly recruited Mo Bros to take up his challenge to eat a raw onion.


6 Ways Any Smart Fan Shouldn’t Dress

You love your sports. You love your beer. Put the two together, and you can have a rock and rolling great time at any sporting event. Add a really bad sports fan outfit to the mix, and you can instead be haunted by drunken photos of you making their way around the internet forever and ever. There is a big difference between a dedicated fan and an out-and-out fool. Stick with these six ways any sma …


Rugged Style: 7 Great Winter Boots

Retire your sneakers for the season and pick up durable footwear that offers protection from the elements without compromising on style, such as these seven great winter boots.


It’s (Movember Gala) Party Time!

Well, the final week of Movember is upon us, and as you may or may not now, a big part of the big finale is a series of Movember Gala Partés! We’re talking booze, music, moustache-themed costumes, prizes and, yes, gorgeous girls.


Your Moustache in 3 Words

We asked guys doing Movember, “How would you describe your moustache in three words or less?” The answers ranged from “Scratch ’n’ Sniff” to “Iranian Magnum PI” but had one thing in common: Solidarity.


Threads: 2012 Winter Style Guide

Struggling to sort out your cold weather wardrobe? Relax, we’ve got you covered. In this exclusive video, the men’s clothing experts at Bonobos drop knowledge and showcase four looks that’ll take you from street to office to holiday party in high style…


Wise Words from 12 Great Men

Over the past year we’ve gotten to interview a lot of interesting gents, and they’ve left us with excellent advice on life, love, style, fitness, humor and more. Collected here are 12 quotes to live by from 12 guys to admire. Read and learn!


4 Beard Rules Every Man Should Follow

By adhering to these four beard rules every man should follow, you will ensure that your facial hair looks its very best. When you have sloppy, poorly groomed facial hair, you’re likely to come across like a creepy weirdo to the women you meet. However, if you follow these four simple beard rules, you will seem like an attractive, manly specimen that no woman can resist! Give yourself six to ei …


Movember Tips: The Right Product

Do you use gel to style your hair? If you do, you’re doing it wrong. We interview barbers and hair stylists to get their advice on the best styling products—juniper berry, sea salt and more.


Razor Tales: Legends The Barbershop

In Episode 3 of our Movember-inspired series, we visit LA’s Legends The Barbershop. Brian “Goose” Davis shares how he rose from homelessness to running the culturally diverse spot. And how their specialty cut is the razor fade, any way you want it.


13 Sweet Celebrity ’Staches

If this Movember marks your first attempt at a mo—and the fam is giving you trouble around the Turkey Day table—take comfort in knowing that many a stylish fellow has walked this path before you. Need evidence? Behold this handsomely hirsute lineup...


Styling an Awkward 2-Week Mo

The initial giddiness from your first moustache-defining shave has worn off, and you’re still a couple weeks shy of a handlebar. So here are a few tips for taking care of that awkward two-week ’stache.


Your Mo Will Get Fuller with Nick Offerman

Stuck at the Dirty Hipster, Carny Ride Operator or Ugly Geraldo stage of your Movember mo? Hang in there with your in-between ’stache, because as Mr. Offerman and friends from The Office explain, nothing incredibly awesome is easy and… it gets fuller!


The Last Briefcase You’ll Ever Own

Will your bag last 100 years? That's the promise behind this briefcase from Saddleback, a tough daily companion with ample storage space and a rugged design that's built to last... CONTINUED


3 Sweet Skin Care Secrets For Guys

A simple skin care regimen can be very effective in keeping you blemish-free, which will carry you a long way with the ladies. Do the following three things each morning and you should be good to go.


9 Bad Tattoo Ideas No Man Should Ever Get

Tattoos are a versatile and painful brand of body modification and self-expression, and most of them are sweet to look at to boot. But guys, there are some abhorrent, pitiful excuses for tattoos you should avoid like Lady Gaga avoids normal clothing. We mean just straight-up atrocious ideas, designs, and placements that shouldn’t be etched into a human body with a washable marker, let alone severa …


5 Every Day Products Men Should Use

Men often pride themselves on being low-maintenance beings. This can mean they don’t bother with fru-fru body washes, hair gels, and other such products meant to beautify the body. That’s fine and dandy, but there’s also a fine line between being low maintenance and being an all-out slob. Five everyday products men should use help fill in that gap, keeping your maintenance low and your fresh, clea …


Razor Tales: Blind Barber

In Episode 2 of our Movember-inspired series, we visit the West Coast branch of Blind Barber. Think “old-school speakeasy” as the lovely Mel explains how the place got its name, then walks us through a wonderland of drinks, laughs and stellar haircuts.


4 Great Moustache Growin’ Tips

It’s the dawn of a new era: a second term for the prez, yes, but also the second week of your new ’stache! From styling and grooming your mo to bringing it to work and using it as your wingman, a six-time Movember vet shares his Selleck-emulating advice.


5 TV Characters Every Man Should Dress Like

Many female style icons have emerged from the television archives. Joan Holloway on Mad Men, the entire cast of Gossip Girl, and each member of the Kardashian clan's clothes are fawned over by the masses as they look to imitate their heroes. But which male fashion icons have emerged over the years? Here are five TV characters every man should dress like.   Sheldon Cooper, “The Big Bang Th …


6 Cheap Colognes That Smell Expensive

Here's a few words of advice if you are going out to the club for some evening activity: Don't go naked. We're not talking about going out without proper attire, but we are talking about your scent. When a man puts on a cologne, it shows a woman that he cares about his appearance and the impression that he is going to make on her. A good cologne can make a man seem much more attractive to women an …


4 Winter Beards That Will Protect Your Face From The Elements

Before the snow has fallen and the ice has covered your car, act preemptively by growing one of these four winter beards that will protect your face from the elements. This may also give you a chance to try out a new look that the woman in your life won't let you get away with when your daily wardrobe consists of shorts and a t-shirt. Like a trip to the Super Bowl or a hike on the Appalachian Trai …


Movember Tips: Facial Hair and Skin Care

Notable barbers and hair stylists reveal their secrets for grooming your moustache and keeping your skin healthy. Most common tip: “Don’t let it grow over your lip.” (And if you do, get some wax!)


The Right Moustache For You

The hardest part of Movember isn’t growing, it’s shaving. Until you take razor to face, your moustache has no shape. When you start sculpting, you’ll need some style advice from the pros. Start here.


Razor Tales: The Barber Shop Club

In the premiere of our new, Movember-centric series we visit LA’s The Barber Shop Club, where founder Woody Lavell discusses bringing his family tradition from KC to the West Coast—and how a good haircut can make any man feel confident.