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These Football Players Are Insane for Having These 7 NFL Tattoos

These football players are insane for having these seven NFL tattoos. Tattoos can be insane for a few different reasons. They can feature an exceptionally strange image or message, or they can be in a location that we can all assume would be exceptionally painful. No matter what your definition of an insane tattoo is, it would be hard to argue that these seven football players weren't pushing thei …


Baller! 10 Cool New High-Tops

You don’t have to be an NBA MVP on the comeback trail to up your style game with basketball kicks. These new sneaks look as sharp in social settings as they do on the court... CONTINUED


The Best Daily-Use Backpacks

Whether you're trekking across town on an urban day trip or hauling your office essentials to work, backpacks are your friend. Particularly ones that look good... CONTINUED


7 Things That Should Be In Every Man’s Living Room

Men have certain needs when it comes to the places they live, though these requirements are much less than those required by women. That said, men still need certain things in the places where they spend the most time, which usually breaks down to the bedroom, the bathroom and especially the living room. Below are seven things that should be in every man's living room, so you can make sure yours i …


The 6 Best Deodorants You Aren’t Already Using

  Deodorant is something every man should wear, regardless of sweat. You know why? Because you’ll stink otherwise. There’s not a man out there who doesn’t stink on a daily basis unless they wear the right deodorant for the activities they are doing. Check out six of the best deodorants out there you probably aren’t wearing already since you wouldn’t care about these top deodorants otherwis …


UGG Hannen Boots

These aren't the fluffy UGG boots you've come to associate with the name. Looking to reconnect with guys, UGG introduces an all new collection of rugged styles... CONTINUED


7 Standout Minimalist Wallets

Looking to step up from that old Costanza billfold? You know, the one that’s bursting at the seams with crumpled cash and wads of old receipts? Slim it down, gents, and get it organized. Any of these svelte yet functional options should do the trick... CONTINUED


Barber Speak: How To Ask For The Perfect Haircut

If you're looking to get the most out of your money at the barbershop, you need to know how to ask for the perfect haircut. If you don't know how, a good haircut can almost be as upsetting as a bad haircut because you know your hair might never look that way again. To save yourself from having to carry a picture of your head into the barbershop, you can just learn how to explain yourself the first …