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5 Reasons Women Love Bearded Men

It's been rumored that beards have magical powers, and that's probably true. My friend Marc, a bearded guy, is somehow able to fly. It's never been something that we've questioned. Sometimes we'll see him flying around and wave, and he'll tell us that he's off to rescue orphans from a burning building or something. He also steals all of the women when we're out at the bar. It has to be the bear …


The 6 Sleekest Shaving Kits On The Market

There’s not many men out there that look forward to shaving their face in the morning before they head to work, but it’s something that must be done if they want to look professional.  Although there are advantages to sporting a thick beard, most men choose the clean look. If you’re in the market for a new shaving kit, consider buying one of these six kits that’s sure to leave your face feeling sm …


How To Pack A Winter Travel Kit With Things You Will Actually Need

You’re a man, so you probably think growing a thick beard and keeping a bottle of whiskey handy counts as preparing for a winter trip. While no one with a set of real balls would argue the importance of those two items when facing cold conditions, you’ll likely die with your left hand clutching the bottle and your right hand stroking your frozen beard if that’s all you rely on. If you’re planni …


Moustache Wax: The Aspiring Gentleman’s Guide

Possibly nothing is grander and more magnificent than a well-groomed moustache. And with Movember in full swing, aspiring young gentlemen everywhere are growing their first crumb-dusters and discovering the nuances of their maintenance. If you happen to be one of these youthful mustachioed gents, never fear! With a little moustache wax and some savvy styling, you'll be looking like an old-timey …


Razor Tales: The Grooming Lounge

The Grooming Lounge is one of the pioneers in men's grooming since 1999. Find out more about the company as Razor Tales takes you behind the scenes.   This video is part of Made Man's celebration as proud partners of Movember. For more of our programming and events, check out


6 Face Lotions Every Man Should Be Using Daily

Chances are you read the title of this article and asked yourself, “Why would I need to use six lotions on my face if women don’t even go to that extreme?” Well, for one, you’re a guy and you need all the help you can get when it comes to being beautiful. Secondly, and more importantly, you don’t want to wake up when you’re 50 with a face that looks like a crumpled plastic bag. Guys have facial …


5 Beard Care Tips That Will Save Your Face

A beard can be a fine accessory. (Well, for a man. Women would probably be better without.) Dudes can do well with some facial follicles, but you can't just let your beard run wild on you. You have to tame it and care for it. How do you do that? Well, look at these five beard care tips that will save your face if you want to master your manly mane. Keep it neat. Unless you're going after the s …


6 Military Inspired Clothing Options Every Man Should Own

Between men's tactical clothing to men's practical shopping, no man should go without at least one of these six military clothing options. Men usually do not enjoy shopping for hard-to-find clothing that best defines a comfortable fit. Affordable military inspired clothing is not as hard to find as one would think. Here's proof of that! Men's Tactical Heatgear Compression shirt ($24.99, Style # …


Why You Should (Perhaps) Rock Fake Glasses

LeBron James, hipster Not long ago, David, a single, 46-year-old real-estate agent in New York, put on his friend’s thick-framed Masunaga spectacles and looked in the mirror. “It was like I was suddenly face to face with the man I’d always wanted to be,” he says as he reverently removes an identical pair from a case and carefully begins polishing the lenses with a small white cloth. “A more int …


10 Best Suits for Fall

From charcoal to navy, herringbone to houndstooth, here are the most up-to-the-minute fall suits for nearly every color, pattern and price.