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Beyond The Sneaker: A Man’s Guide To Casual Shoes

Some men just regard the sneaker as the de facto casual shoe. And, why not? They’re easy to slip on and it doesn’t really matter if they get soiled as you walk through fields and the city looking for an adventure. But there are so many more options available to people beyond the sneaker. So to help those of you who only have pairs of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok in their cupboards, here is a man’s gu …


4 Historical Styles You Can Still Wear

Sometimes, things are left in the past for a reason. For instance, castor oil isn’t exactly a popular remedy for ailments, and that’s a good thing. The telegraph has also faded out, and that’s also probably for the best. But sometimes, we humans discard things that have value. We throw away and bury great artifacts, and unless someone makes a push to revive them, they may remain buried. And sadly, …


Behind the Label: The $5,500 Suit

Is an expensive suit really worth it? Our ace fashion reporter investigates the story behind legendary Italian label Brioni's gorgeous garments—and breaks down what you’re paying for, stitch by stitch.


5 Cool Umbrellas That Will Leave You Dry This Spring

Possessing an umbrella is usually reserved for only the classiest members of society. They look to protect their pristine hair and expensive Armani suits from the rain with this sophisticated appendage, and on television you usually only see the likes of Don Draper and Roger Sterling using one. But, to be honest, they’re pretty boring, aren’t they? So to spice up the trade, here are five cool umb …


5 Suit Accessories You Shouldn’t Forget

Clothes can do a great job at showing off a man’s…maleness. You know, the things that make a man a man. Nice shoulders, a trim waist, sturdy legs, all of these things are important parts of the male look. No outfit does a better job of showing off these high points than a suit. But a suit by itself is only part of the equation. There are essential pieces, accessories if you will, that elevate a su …


6 Men’s Essentials That You Should Buy At Costco, And 6 You Shouldn’t

Men can fall in love with Costco Wholesale Company just as fast as they can fall out of love with the fifth largest retailer in the United States. It's all about products. Here are some excellent grooming merchandise worthy of purchase followed by some not-so-worthy Costco Wholesale Company investments. Do invest in Costco's Fish Oil and Omega 3 product. Just make sure your doctor …